Meet the Press NOW — March 20

Robert Costello testifies before a New York grand jury in former President Donald Trump’s favor in the Manhattan DA investigation into alleged hush money. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet in Moscow.

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Trump indictment charges paint ‘damaging portrait of reckless and criminal behavior’

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  1. The Neoconservative pac money groups fund politicians who align with their agenda (military contractors portfolios). If Trump is popular enough and/or can raise enough money without these groups he is a threat to the undisclosed benefactors of these well-funded pac animals!

  2. Good reporting. Go Biden. Go Judge Janet, Wisconsin.

  3. retired at 52 with 38 hour work weeks. Sounds like a luxury.

  4. If every private citizen, which President Trump was at the time, who had an affair was brought up on charges, there would be a great need for more attorneys.

  5. Raising interest rates is killing businesses it’s hurting the banks. Why don’t we do a novel thing in this country? Why don’t we hold big business accountable?🤬🤬🤬

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  10. 😂 politicians crying about politics 😂 bahahhshshshshhahahaha 😂 omfg I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. It's amazing how these journalists asked soft questions and failed to counter these answers. I just believe journalists intentionally confuse Americans by asking these weak questions without countering the answers.

  12. No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable

  13. So McCarthy thinks what trump did with Daniella is legal and rightful because trump is imposing as a republican right now!

  14. So tired of all the money and time wasted on Trump??? Just because Biden hates him 🤦‍♀️

  15. When did Trump hire Kevin McCarthy as his lawyer? Wasn't Kevin's employment before being elected to Congress selling sandwiches in Bakersfield, CA.

  16. They keep saying it's unpresidented to charge a former president with a crime. What's unpresidented is a former president that's a criminal

  17. Not for nothing prostitution should be legal we legalize pot why not clean up another industry and collect the tax money

  18. Why is every report, no matter the subject, include the word “crisis”?

  19. Ron DeSaddest wants to have his cake and eat it too. Poor, little coward who can't make up his mind. Just what we need… a coward as the next president.

  20. Isn’t starting a war the “actual definition” of war crimes?

  21. ❤ I hope to see more of her good reporting skills. Kristen Welker has been doin a good job for a while from what I’ve seen. I like her non biased and welcoming perspective.

  22. Has everything in our country now become political after the “demonization” of every question that the Conservatives ask? Is it best summarized as “sit down and shut up”?

  23. This does need to come to an end, with follow thru. Trump knew this was not going to go away. This is not a shock. I'm not saying he is innocent or guilty but whatever the outcome, there needs to be an outcome president, former president, or common person! No one is above the law, no one. When he deters information seeking institutions it shows others to do the same; like police brutality issues. Be the role model misdemeanor or felony! You are not above anything. If you live your life in the open, the good, the bad, the potential questionable behavior is for everyone to see! Come on Trump!!

  24. How has America, since 2021, suddenly become one crisis after another that the Biden administration seems to be the center point? What future is actually the “end game” that the UniParty has in store for “freedom loving” Americans?

  25. Is America’s legal system being being compromised on every step from the police, through the courts and at the end, the punishment phase?

  26. No indictment no law broken just more innuendo echos dog whistles he said she said Trumps bad Bidens good I met the press and Trump owns your narrow bais minds no one with half a brain believes any of this if you do I have a great deal on some lowland property special for you

  27. looking at France, thanks for vetoing the GOPs bill Joe. tax the rich.

  28. His voice its what is wrong in ca lol

  29. About 20 minutes into this it gets kind of funny 😆

  30. well McCarthy, this is going the proof the law works equally. start preparing for your trials too.

  31. The internationalist Jews occupying American media is a serious problem.

  32. 👔What happens if Trump Gets Arrested today🥁🎶 Welcome to the American Revolution 🗣🎡🎠🗽🇺🇲❤️

  33. He won't be arrested.

  34. 🙄👎Sickos and Psychopaths are Ruling our Country🥁🎶 Welcome to the New Normalization Shocking Stuff 🎈💣✂️🗑

  35. 👔Trump's Arrest Leads him back to the Whitehouse 🥁🎶❓️ 🗣🎡🎠🗽🇺🇲❤️

  36. It doesn't matter now what Republican think about indictment of Trump. He will be arrested. America is land of laws n no one above the law. Republicans trying to corrupt American mind. These is not lock her up no longer., it's lock him up. De Santis wait next will be you.


  38. Get rid of that treasonous rat-