Meet the Press NOW — March 24

Trump attorneys testify before a federal grand jury after a judge rules the former president cannot claim executive privilege. The U.S. conducts counter-strikes in response to attacks on a coalition base in Syria. Protests continue in Israel after Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul.

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  1. In only a few years trump transformed the US into a perfect banana republic.

  2. Just this last week enough is there to let you know what I always knew when Trump first started in 2016. The guy is completely off his hinges!

  3. A panel with four yes men…Is there no Tim Russets left in the world?

  4. With awareness and more facts it’s easy to have a straight forward view.

  5. People who value me appreciate my blunt honesty.

  6. The family is curious who had access to private info about me and how they used it to get ahead during the last decade in particular.

  7. A radiological stronghold.
    The Arc of the Covenant.
    The historical connection between the Black Sea and the Holy City.
    Trey Arch online logistics industrial trading block.
    Footnote:the hints are not subtle

  8. The Black Sea historically has deep ties with the Holy City

  9. China-Russia-Ukraine.
    Huawei-. Trump fiasco with official ballot machine. -Nuclear power struggle.
    Pandemic, disease which spans the globe. Cyber security issues which span the globe.
    Industrial and Economic marketplace woes; of a global nature.
    Everything very Global.
    Conflicting rhetorical terms.

  10. Everything wrong with the police is adjacent and synonymous with the current and ongoing ideology of the American State. America may possibly, come to need the tri-state. It is a simple commissioner platform which similarly; may require an inception of official terms.

  11. So; is America able to host Day One?
    #tri-state agenda

  12. Day one.
    When does the conclusion of that which has come and gone; finalize itself?
    The answer; Day One.
    Is Day One for Americans only?!
    The New Age begins with Day One, yet none can say where Day One will Break Ground.


  14. Dust mites; the kind of Shrimp you-dont want – to eat. But what about the computers and the computer dust; are computer dust mites our friends? Yes, computer dust mites are our friends, you can even eat them… Also, the Pandemic really is finished. So in conclusion; the Pandemic is not caused by edible dust mites which live in computers.
    #starting with day one

  15. Just another liberal hack show, who cares? Sheeple, I should have thought of that… LMAO

  16. Thank you Journalists for your hard work and tireless work you do to keep us informed and updated. God bless you, thank you so much for your reporting. God bless you.

  17. We are definitely losing our credibility and stature in the world. China navigated a balloon over the United States, these wicked nations want to advance and they can't with America in the way. So, they are doing cyber attacks, and also building weapons of mass destruction (North Korea, Iran) or adding on to their arsenals. Notice that most of these nations are going through financial woes, China, Russia, and Iran–they will join forces and attack whoever the biggest guy in the room is.

  18. hilarious spin on what’s happening with Trump in NY. clowns here.

  19. “ Death & Destruction “
    Thats what will Happen if I am Ever Re- Elected ….

  20. Entertainment not news