Meet the Press NOW – March 29

A rare clash between U.S. and Israeli leaders raises thorny questions about the intertwined fates of two of the world’s most important democracies. The Culture War ramps up as the last unifying link inside the Republican Party. President of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten discusses the growing politicization of education.

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  1. The details are all the same somehow they flip out they go get their AR-15 assault rifles and go shoot now if they didn't have the AR-15 they wouldn't be that brave

  2. How about we quit sending big checks to israel??????

  3. Excellent insight into the israeli political situation.

  4. im sorry but if you are of age to be on your own but yet reside in my home there is no privacy especially if you have mental issue meaning i will search your bedroom or any other place in my home whenever i want these parents that say i didnt know they brought guns or drugs or this or that into my home is bs just ask my adult kids that had moved back home at one time or another

  5. Two important democracies.? Since when is Israel and important country in any respect, Much less a democracy. None of those people are important in any way. They are all primitive people with cell phones and electricity. Democracy ?

  6. this happens in banks all over..English toffs especially love it.. in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco

  7. The Yahoo needs to go. Any leader who wants his government to be based on religion will fail.

  8. Who’s typing in the background?

  9. You said the killers name 14 times but not one of the victims names……and it’s interesting that you mentioned how there is a following of these mass shootings on social media…..Stop saying the killers name…..refer to there gender only…..

  10. Stop, saying the killers name………it’s time the media stops making killers a house hole name…..tell me, can you say the victim’s names without looking them up? How many mass shootings are there going to be before there is a Law to stopping the names of these killers to be a household name in the news? How many of these shootings are a copycat shootings in order to get their names (the killers name) in the news to make them quote “famous” because they are mentally disturbed. Stop showing how these killers are doing things….instead Focus on the loss of life and why life is important. Focus on how to identify troubled people and get them help. Change the laws for more background searches before buying a gun and require the people to take a Gun Safety course.

  11. Once again why do you guys keep saying the shooters name over and over. Thought it was your policy not to say the shooter's name. The 5 minutes that I've been watching this show you said the shooters name about 6 times what is wrong with y'all

  12. I dont know where your banking expertise is coming from but the case you presented is actually proving the other side. first of all if you are going to inherit a fortune in the future and you change your pp, revoke your citizenship that is legal. If you do this when leaving the US like e.g. Tina Turner you settle with IRS. Lastly people from all over the world put their money with Swiss private banks because of competence unlike the US where you are just a number given broker service thats all. Why have American banks come to Switzerland and opened private banking there? Because you get a full service and not just mediocre sales pitches. Better return in the US is a joke!

  13. 100 dems voted for socialism. You people still vote for 5hem. Where is common sense?

  14. I think we need a moderate candidate from either party, in an effort to look at both sides, and consider the implications in a more rational way. There will always be extremes in either direction, but moderate approach to our issues we face seem like we might be able to come together for most people to feel comfortable. People NEED TO LEARN TOLERANCE WITH OTHERS WHO ARE NOT EXACTLY LIKE THEMSELVES

  15. Yup, setting up a system where the right wing politicians can override the Israeli supreme court has nothing to do with the PM charges. LoL!!!!!

    Nothing to see here….

  16. Because voters don't reward political candidates or the party that saves lives cultural wars will continue to be the only thing the GOP can do and their ignorant voters will still vote for them anyway. But this nonsense should not be acceptable to the vast majority of the electorates and they can show that by turning out en-mass and vote against the Extreme MaGA clowns

  17. ReD flag 🚩..LAW..U OWN MORE THEN 2 GUNS..
    ✔ CHECK🙄

  18. Israel has been fought over since 1568 BC when Moses took the 40 years route for a 2 week journey.

    3,591 years later and the way ahead for the Jews is still led by those with NO sense of direction.

  19. 10 Stars NBC NIGHTLY NEWS FAMILY AND LESTER HOLT! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️!

  20. Credit Swiss stole my money and now I hear they are in trouble! My God gets my Vengeance and now the Swiss Bank is under investigation for corruption! Hallelujah thanks Jesus

  21. Israel 🇮🇱 has a far-right govt. Ukraine 🇺🇦 has a far-right govt. Germany 🇩🇪 has a far-right govt. Poland 🇵🇱 has a far-right govt. Italy 🇮🇹 has a far-right govt. Czech Republic 🇨🇿 has a far-right govt.
    All of these Countries do INDEED have FAR-RIGHT Governments. Yes – I think we could EASILY wind up with a far-right govt. here in the United States 🇺🇲
    If that doesn't scare you – look up WW2 and study for your life. 🙏🌎☮️❤️🕊️

  22. Let me it this straight, It was an unemployed, 26 year old, radical right wing, gun owning, transvestite, 'person', who was still living in 'its' parents' home that planned, plotted, and committed this attack upon children, while they were attending their Christian school.
    Furthermore, 'it' owned 7 guns, including 2 assault rifles, which were in 'its' parents home, without their knowledge.
    'It' had already been reported to authorities for being mentally unstable, had documented 'its' intentions in a manifesto, and had made online threats to inform the world, who did nothing.
    Except for the personal armory, isn't this the stereotypical ' radical left wing trans Dem' that Republicants demonize and hate so much?
    Who ARE these people? They don't even know themselves, much less the mindset of the majority of US voters.
    So glad and proud to be woke, while knowing that I am not anyone's problem, especially my nation's.

  23. Teachers Unions are doomed by the Atheist elites who have used the fool system to make Americans evil narcissistic people who only are self centered and arrogant even more stupid about everything!