Meet the Press NOW – Nov. 27

Hamas released 11 more hostages after an agreement to extend the Israel-Hamas ceasefire for two more days was reached. Jason Eaton pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder in the shooting of three students of Palestinian descent. Senate is back in session with foreign aid on the top of the to-do list. Republican primary candidates are packing their campaign schedules with just seven weeks until the Iowa caucuses. Congress is seeing record retirements as dysfunction reaches new levels in the Capitol. Retiring Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) discusses why he is stepping down next year. NBC News polling shows the president trailing behind former President Trump by just two points.

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  1. the far left socialist/communist AKA the progressives left have been serving the koolaid too college students and now are kids and giving them the brain rot of far left progressive views on this perverted utopin idea of socialism/communism they definitely divided us i hate too quote this but Hitler said if you have the youth you have the future and i think all this is very dangerous too this county

  2. I know it deserves some coverage but with all the news worthy items going on in the US and around the world everyday, why for the last month has Meet the Press spent majority of each show on Isreal Palestine conflict?

  3. Time for Santos to do time behind bars !

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  5. I would like to hear more about the hostages Israel had to exchange.
    How are they? How were they treated in Israeli prison ? Why were these women and children taken by Israel?

  6. Quit talking, who is getting the benefit of a cease-fire, what’s talk about all the people on both sides who will profit from a cease-fire. There are no winners. There are just losers.

  7. Oh, it is just too bad that we don’t seem to care about the emotional and physical health of the Palestinians, who have been held in prison, many not even charged. They are just bargaining chips also just pawns . If you don’t attend to their health and well-being, we are not going to change anything. There needs to be a two State agreement. With united, nations, peace, keepers, not Israeli army

  8. I thought hamas is the legal governing body in gaza…and why is that all hamas military are covering their faces? I thought as their stupid bosses said they are not afraid of idf

  9. Content is good, but truly miss the man who would introduce the show and the host . His voice was the classic Meet the Press intro .

  10. Democrat news channel puts out is fake news to but love to hear the lies .😂😂

  11. No way Americans will say Biden should be president agian. If he wins we know the election is rigged. Wich it is.😅😅😅😅

  12. Sorry dirty democrats. Trumps gona win🎉🎉🎉 only one with enough balls to fix what bidens done to this country

  13. Biden can help everyone but the u.s. wouldnt be having him involved. Guy makes situations worse.

  14. They told this man that his daughter was dead. How did they know she was dead, why did they decide to tell him he was dead without a body without proof ? it begs to question the intention of the Zionists .

  15. Investigating a hate crime ? Really ?

  16. 0:28: 🔴 11 more hostages released from Gaza as Israel and Hamas extend their temporary truce for 2 more days.
    10:52: 🎉 Members of the bureau chief's family were among the hostages released, bringing joy but also uncertainty about the release of the father who is still held captive.
    16:22: ! Three suspects were shot while visiting family for the holidays, with two in medical condition and one with more serious injuries.
    21:22: 🗞️ There are only 12 legislative days left before the end of the year, with negotiating a deal on foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine being a top priority.
    26:46: 🗳️ The video discusses the support and momentum of a political candidate in a state election.
    32:50: 📺 Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin discusses the challenges of working in Washington and the dysfunction of the Republican Party.
    39:22: ! Democrats are in poor polling shape at this point in 2011, but it is not a cause for panic.
    44:39: 🗳️ Voters express concerns about Biden's age and ability to lead the country.
    Recapped using TammyAI

  17. Ya no crap. We don’t like Biden’s age but he’s way better than Emperor Treasonous Maximus.

  18. If I had to choose between any Republican running for president it would be Nikki Hailey and I don't like her politics but she's sane with good foreign policy.

  19. Santos is the poster child of the GOP, are they sure they want to get rid of him? He's a light-weight compared to Trump's corruption.

  20. It's sad that US citizens are being held as a bargaining chips. We have to be patient and pray for our citizens safe return.

  21. Well said. Who or what do you trust? Politics is so muddled.

  22. Tom Winter, MSNBC reporter: *There ARE a couple of …

  23. One American? Joe cant negotiate a flight of stairs

  24. He doesn't even wait for a comment he just comments on himself. our actual opinions are nowhere near his thoughts.

  25. The Democrats are so full of hate that everything they say is negative and toxic, it's no wonder their children and everyone that knows them hates them as much as they do. 🤮🤮

  26. Disgusting what these terrorists did.
    Why are you the media not telling Hamas to give up these hostages so the Palestinians can be free. Disgusting all of you.