Meet the Press NOW — Nov. 28

The temporary truce between Israel and Hamas enters a fifth day, and the U.S. renews calls for Israel to avoid further civilian displacement in Gaza. Sharone Lifschitz, whose mother was released by Hamas last month but whose father is still being held hostage inside Gaza, shares her family’s experiences as the war continues. Retired Adm. James Stavridis outlines what’s next for the war. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) discusses the status of talks on Capitol Hill about foreign aid and border policies.

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    Nikki Hailey spent an exorbitant amount of tax payer dollars on curtains and also knew about Hamas tunnels used as weapons storage and communications networks under Gaza but did nothing about it back then. She is also NOT for American women's FREEDOM. She is just another self-serving liar… a farce… horrible for the country.

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  4. I will never watch Meet the Press again. It was repulsive, the way you just focused on citizens of Israel. No comment on the 10.000 people already executed in Gaza. Disgusting. You don't have to be anti-semitic or something, it's just the truth.

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  6. What about Maryann Williamson and Cenk Uygar? This is why legacy media has such a bad rep.

  7. i feel this discussion is very much usless ,it is not matter hostage or killing of any one either side but the president should focus on how to bring peace and do justices with palestanian , Rest talking about how to do this or that is just beating around the bush. Those who have caused the miseries to people in palestian showed feel shamed

  8. Seems like Americans will be held until the end because it's the only way they will hold US by the neck..

  9. Notice most all the crowed are women at Niki Haley rally in the video. That's not going to win a nomination.

  10. How can you report so one sided no one talking about 14,000 peoples were murder by Israel bomber someone has to charge for murder

  11. Trump is a disaster for our democracy

  12. Desantis needs to go away

  13. Trump raised the deficit more than anybody has ever done and the economy was not good!

  14. Palestinian citizen? I don't understand

  15. Kick Santos to the curb! He should have been out a long time ago.

  16. It took Biden over 1-1/2 months to figure out…only when the UN is calling Boden conspiracy with Isreal Prime Minister of war crimes against humanity sponsoring with intent to starving and killing numerous of the 1-million Palestinian children in Gaza Strip for 1-1/2 months…for Biden to tell the Isreal Prime Minister that he got to make a plan that protects the Palestinian People. The US got absolutely "no" leadership. Biden is just a Boof ! War crimes will get him.

  17. For the ending of this is very cruel!

  18. Only if society would realize this is A holy war that has been going on for centuries!!!¡

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