Meet the Press NOW – Nov. 30

Eight more hostages are released as the cease-fire in Gaza reaches its seventh day. Former Middle East Analyst and Negotiator Aaron David Miller warns of escalation between the Middle East and U.S., and former Director of U.S. Hostage Recovery Christopher O’Leary discusses the recent hostage releases. Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) battles his House colleagues ahead of the vote to expel him on ethics violations. Marianna Sotomayor, former Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) and Matt Gorman join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable to discuss Nikki Haley’s chances against GOP front-runner Donald Trump and the Biden-Harris re-election campaign. Shira Havron, relative of one of the released hostages, says that children hostages have returned “whispering.” NBC’s Andrea Mitchell discusses Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s legacy.

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  1. Israel's president is one of the most untrustworthy looking person ever i promise but not only looks but the statements he puts out sounds fraud smh people that support any wrong doing by either parties is literally coming from a hate filled hateful emotional deranged place maybe mental illness

  2. This was all calls because of Israel's bulshit andwhat thay did to the people of Palestinians and the west bank

  3. Frankly we’re tired of you people talking about age yes he might be that old but being old is not a hindrance what matters is the job is done and intelligence to run the country is very much intact I really don’t understand the most of American people and for that I really feel sorry for all of you.even Nikki Hailey will not of the same level of intelligence she has the same goal as trump

  4. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    48:47 🌐 Henry Kissinger's message from President Xi Jinping
    – The video mentions that President Xi Jinping sent a message about Henry Kissinger, but there has been no response from the President of the United States.
    – Henry Kissinger's legacy is discussed, including his involvement in extending the Vietnam War, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize prematurely, and being called a war criminal.
    49:15 🎙️ Memorable Takeaways from Covering Henry Kissinger
    – The reporter reflects on her interactions with Henry Kissinger, including asking him about the handling of a journalist held by Russia during the Reagan administration.
    – Henry Kissinger's background as a Jewish teenager who fled Germany in 1938 and later returned to Germany is mentioned.
    50:12 🧳 Henry Kissinger's Background and Return to Germany
    – The discussion highlights Henry Kissinger's early life, including his arrival in the United States as a teenager and his return to Germany in 1938.
    – The historical context of 1938, post-Kristallnacht, is mentioned in relation to Kissinger's return to Germany.

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  5. 18:24 Chris O'Leary: "Hamas is using the Americans [hostages] as additional commodities that are sightly worth less than the IDF soldiers, but it keeps America at bay."

    They are exchanging American [and Israeli] captives with Palestinian detainees. They are not using them to buy goods.

    18:56 I do not think Hamas is going to keep the negotiations going to let all of the hostages out.

    That's a funny thing to say, considering that Hamas offered to let ALL the civilian hostages go on the condition there was a ceasefire, but the U.S. and Israel rejected it.

    33:13 According to that guest, Joe Biden is polling appallingly because Democrats are not training voters how to feel about him differently. If they successfully patronized voters, the polls would take off like a rocket, right?

  6. 1:08: 🕊️ The video discusses the uncertain fate of hostages as a ceasefire in Gaza enters its final hours, with a focus on humanitarian aid and U.S. support for Israel.
    6:08: 🔴 The video discusses the delicate situation during a cease-fire in Israel, including the release of hostages and a recent attack in Jerusalem.
    11:45: ⚠️ The video discusses growing tensions in the region, including attacks in Jerusalem, violence in the West Bank, and exchange of fire on the Lebanese border, with concerns about a wider war.
    17:30: 🇮🇱 The video discusses the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, particularly focusing on the role of Hamas and the pressure on Israel.
    22:58: 🗳️ The video discusses the debate and upcoming vote on the expulsion of a politician facing criminal charges.
    27:58: 🗳️ Nikki Haley is gaining momentum in the race for second place against Trump, but still faces challenges in breaking into his base.
    33:18: 🗣️ Discussions around the effects of 'Bidenomics' and the messaging around Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate.
    39:28: 😔 Family of hostage held by Hamas expresses concern and uncertainty about his condition and their suffering.
    46:36: 🌍 Henry Kissinger's legacy is marked by his pivotal role in shaping history, particularly in relation to China and the Cold War.
    Recapped using TammyAI

  7. do not forget all the deaths and misery kissinger caused…… he is so old alot of people think he wasd this great old king statesman…he was a killer in a 3 piece suit

  8. The democrat party supports the Terrorist of the world

  9. God bless H.K. and a centurion to boot.But he will be remembered on his actions. Good or bad Republicans better remember this you can't forget why you were elected to the house it was to make laws that help the American people not lie and do nothing.

  10. I like Biden Much more than tDump but, that being said, whatever happened to 'we don't negotiate with terrorists '

  11. Glad to see Ali Vitali back again.

  12. Are these Palestinian prisoners mostly children?

  13. Tf. The truce got a time limit?

  14. who is Trump's running mate? I've heard no announcements on whether his running mate will actually be the security guard who lets him escape from his 4 prisons for his 4 separate indictments, or is it 5?. At least Kamala has a security clearance and is not trying to recruit a publisher and reporter to publish classified documents without any of them having a proper security clearance to even view it. Trump has already given illegal access to at least the 2 people on tape while he's admitting that the documents that they're viewing are classified. Why isn't he in jail already. The media has already reported multiple individuals who were also caught circulating classified materials publicly and both of them are already in prison and both of them were caught after Trump's estates were served a warrant. So, why are they in jail and Trump is not? Why hasn't Garland wrapped Trump's case up and where is his so-called equal justice for all and no one being above the law? If judges and presidents don't have to follow the laws and Congressmen can legitimize the lies of a president committing a coup then perhaps we're already living in an autocratic governmental system because obviously Trump and his cronies have been given permanent get out of jail free cards with permission to break any law that they don't agree with. Perhaps Garland should be arrested for taking government monies for not doing his job, as should Trump and his Congressional cronies.

  15. Read between the lines , russia encouraged iran to tell hamas to attck Israel so we would turn our attention away from Ukraine …

  16. Please don't forget Ukraine !

  17. 75 years of occupation Apartheid colonialism must end Israel will never see peace until Palastine is free

  18. To destroy him. What a freaking drama queen. You did the lying, you did the money stealing, You are indicted for more than just misdemeanors. We need to get known corruption out of Congress as much as possible.

    Destroy you, losing a job in Congress hasn’t destroyed anyone and again you allegedly did it, no one did it to you. Sorry you choose to go to the dark side. You weren’t the first, and won’t be the last now move out of the way Congress should be busy doing the People’s business.

  19. Who need to defend themselves occupier or occupied peoples of Palastine???

  20. May he rest in peace ☮️

  21. Donald Trump will be president. 2024!!!

  22. We still need Another good president in 2028 and she might be a good pick but we'll see what happens…

  23. Does anyone actually take George santos seriously?

  24. 👍👍👍👍. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide….

  25. Why does the national news never talk about. All the thousands of palestinian children in Israel prisons?

  26. Nothing but a narrative with hidden agenda

  27. Btw what is the status of netanyahu's corruption trial?

  28. Benjamin Netanyahu is on a suicide mission for Israel if he thinks he can level Gaza and drive two million innocent starving human beings from their homes making the absurd claim that he is only fighting HAMAS.

  29. Oooh, Andrea Mitchell, to say that Kissinger‘s legacy is varied is indeed an understatement. 😂

  30. I'm shocked how many women and children Jews held uncharged prisoners, something stinks

  31. For the love of God, say something besides "really appreciate it"!!!