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Meghan McCain defends Chrissy Teigen amid Trump feud | USA TODAY

Meghan McCain weighs in on the President Trump, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend Twitter feud.

Meghan McCain tweeted in defense of Chrissy Teigen after President Trump called her a “filthy mouthed wife” on Twitter.

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  1. Chrissy Teigen – what an unbelievable mong… And Legend – what a total bellend…

  2. It's so rare that Meghan McCain is agreeable

  3. Hollywood plastic garbage…

  4. Pedos defending pedos. We now know that John McCain was part of the Epstein Cult. So are Legend and Teigen.

  5. I'll say it for Chrissy Teigen : OH please ! Oh please ..STFU MEG MCNASTY McNasty!!
    You are such a Racist Greedy Fame Hoe. She never says Bleep when it matters. I will never forget her attempted and continues public lynching of Ilhan Omar. Her callous dismissal of the abused immigrates in cages. Her desire to lock up raped women. deny choice to millions of women especially poor black brown care..And stop using The Gays and Vets as cover .. Stupid Rude Selfish Hateful B ..

  6. Wow.. her fat goes straight to her face. What is she famous for? What has she done for anyone other than herself?

  7. Go girl ! Trump is just one fat EGO!!!!

  8. Chrissy can defend herself, she did just well, we don't need no fake ass Meghan's help.

  9. Teigan is a jackal in sheeps clothing.

  10. Ugh. It's disturbing to think of our President engaging in Twitter wars instead of doing his job. Calgon, PLEASE take him away!

  11. Why is the president going after so many citizens? Its beneath the level off his office

  12. uh, her dad was an Epstein p e d o

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