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Melania Trump takes on issue of e-cigarettes l ABC News

The first lady tweeted she is “deeply concerned” about the use of e-cigarettes by kids as the FDA issued a warning letter to e-cigarette company Juul.

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  1. This Slovenian high end prostitute wants to stop cyber bullying she needs to start with her husband. Be best gtfo

  2. wait, what ever happened to "be best"?

  3. Millions and millions have died from regular cigarettes.
    Will the white house be going after Philip Morris?

  4. It's the THC vaping that's fucking these idiots up. What ever happened to smoking a bowl, or rolling a joint or blunt? Why the fuck you wanna vape THC you idiots? Then you come back after you get too much THC in your system and blame vaping as a whole.

    While I know vaping is bad for your health, it is obviously better for your health than cigarettes.

  5. Why is she not concerned about her husband's major mental problems? Way way more dangerous than ecigs


  7. I am more concerned about children being separated from their parents and locked up in CONCENTRATION CAMPS where some have died!

  8. How much of what's being said does melanie trump understand as she sits, in common trophy porno wife position? Considering her "be best" nonsensical slogan, and her absolute hypocrisy on cyber bullying, she should not open her mouth. Continue to let her staff post grammatical sentences. And the heavy accent, the lack of education. Oh well, consider the husband.

  9. I wonder how much big tobacco money is behind this? Cigarettes have literally killed millions of people, vaping has helped many people stop smoking.

  10. Everyone worry about smoking cigarettes we all going to die doesn't mean by smoking I can go outside & get hit by a bus wake up & I wouldn't smoke E cigarettes gross!

  11. No time to test cuz there money to be made

  12. concerned about vaping but what about guns??

  13. Vaping has been around for years. It's obviously the THC cartridges that people get off the street. Nobody should be Vaping anyways

  14. The rest of the world is laughing at us. Hell, the UK is putting vape shops in their HOSPITALS. You want kids to stop vaping? Ban SALT NIC

  15. This stupid mail order Eastern European whore has no idea what she's talking about.

  16. Republican logic
    Inhaling pollution from vaping: BAD!
    Inhaling pollution from fossil fuels: FANTASTIC! JOBS! PROFITS! FREEDOM!

  17. This is bullshit these people are getting sick from smoking black martkt THC not nicotine vaping. This is THC products NOT ecigs. I've been vaping for 7 years and smoked for 25 .My lungs look like I've never somked in my life and I'm healthier that ever. This is a railroad on normal vaping that's saved millions of lives from cancer from combustible cigarette. These are all lies because they want us millions and millions of people back on big tobacco. THIS WILL KILL MILLIONS OF JOBS AND KILL MILLIONS MORE BECAUSE THEY WILL ALL GI BACK TO SMOKING….. THIS IS BULLSHIT!,!!,!

  18. How much did Phillip Morris pay the trumps to come out against vaping?
    Maybe we could pay them to move to North Korea.

  19. Melania is jumping on the band wagon. So full of it. So this is the big hype so now she has a voice ? Shut the hell up! Go get your husband some mental health help.

  20. Sure u all!!🤭 Did Phillip Morris have anything to do with this?🤣😂

  21. And the public is deeply concerned of your relationship with JEFFERY EPSTEIN !!
    Epstein stated that he himself was responsible for Trump meeting Melania.
    Fake Visa — DEPORT this piece of GARBAGE !!

  22. It's Official : She is ,
    The Most Useless Person in The World

  23. I really don't care do u?
    Phoney prostitute

  24. Well lookie here. A first lady who is actually a lady. Nice change from the last administration.

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