Memphis Fire Department terminates three employees following Tyre Nichols' death

The Memphis Fire Department has now fired two EMTs and a lieutenant claiming they violated “numerous policies and protocols” when they were called to the scene of Tyre Nichols’ arrest after he was beaten and pepper-sprayed. NBC’s Priscilla Thompson has the latest.

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  2. I hope they're never ever able to work in the field like that again

  3. Good get all of them,plus those that stood around and did nothing to help.

  4. Alot of people were suspended or fired for this, people must've really hated this guy.

  5. i was wondering if tyre was already dead when the EMT came and that is why they did not put too much attention to him curious

  6. What about the statement regarding Nickhols having an affair with the wife of one of the police officers of the SCOPRPIAN Squad? They hunted him down in anger..

  7. Hemphill had the sick out beating him. Everyone has to be accountable. Peace

  8. Can’t even get out of the Fire truck wow ! Shameful!

  9. I herd and read the EMT were told by those cops to Stand Down !

  10. Leave NOT Fired 😬🤔💁‍♂️🙄🤦 means they getting paid by the Tax payer !

  11. They only get paid Minimum wage for whatever that state pays for a minimum wage and they have to go through rigorous training like you’re actually going to work for the fire department.

  12. How could take this young fathers life..? Now he’s child has lost his hero his daddy..? How could you..? Rip love from England 🙏🏼💟

  13. We can not trust anyone

  14. I hope that everyone gets the death row in prison

  15. The same devil that kills unborn babies and call it women rights is the same devil that killed this young man

  16. Of course, they hit him from the public They thought we weren’t going to find out

  17. She's a mother sister cousin but most of all a black woman. I dare you


  19. What's done in the dark shall be revealed but Why was. ROBERT FIRED? I DIDNT SEE THE VIDEO AND THE HEADING of the 5 cops who did this was IN HUMANE ENOUGH ALONE WITHOUT THE VIDEO.

  20. They need to buried them cops and fire people under the jail and throw away the key

  21. The images of that young man in such distress will haunt me for a long long time. As a mother I cannot begin to imagine what this family is going through and what that poor lad had suffered hoping help would come so, I hope all the wicked professionals involved get whatever is coming to them so they cannot go one day without remembering how disgusting they are…

  22. They get better
    Support in other states
    And bonuses tenesee
    Must be worst than chiraq

  23. To the EMTs : Just do you job professionally and do not allow hooligan cops, your personal prejudices and self-hatred to ruin your career


  25. They didn't follow there oath, they deserve to be fired and prosecuted, it is a dereliction of duty.Imagine this was one of their family members, they would expect professionals to behave correctly.

  26. Whats heartbreaking is the department who trained these people are covering up everything and distancing themselves from these people to point the fingers obviously this is way bigger than just the few officers that "got caught" There are more people killed by police than any other murders annually.

  27. This should work out really well for the citizens. Police, fire and EMTs wii resign in droves leaving citizens to fend for themselves. GOOD, they should leave.

    Great idea woke fools who run Memphis.

  28. What is this world coming to do something why do your let these policeman keep beating and killing our youths why it's not right

  29. Charge all of them shame on them shame shame

  30. It's ashame they put people in positions as such!

  31. there’s no way i would had risked my career for anyone these EMTS losted they jobs for these cops. i bet not one police is going to come pay none of they bills. these cops are going to prison for a while

  32. Those officers were doing what the white officers told them to do without specific reasons why they deadly assaulted Tyre Nichols. The Nichols Family never got to know the reasons. My heart, my condolences, my prayers will go to The Nichols Family. People don't care about upholding the law, protect and serve our communities, and arresting criminals. If people don't care about abiding the law as policemen, they shouldn't had become a police officers.

  33. The lies the Whyte male attempted to hold him down and kept pepper spraying him when the caught up to him the second time and even tried to help avoid the filming of the rest that took place on that body cam …and they removed the sound of everything those officers said in the vid and try did not show the full video only after they pulled up surrounded him and had him on the ground fake screaming stop resisting as a lot of them do when they could have cuffed him at any time but the held his arms then started with the stop resisting again & when cop not charged is spraying him & the footage cuts to the pole cam but in the middle not at the beginning so there is footage missing and sound missing as well they are hiding alot!

  34. just feels like a repeat?did it before?

  35. I said that two do he have a 🙋 girlfriend because it doesn't sound Right ▶️
    Or jealousy
    Bonding problem ⚠️
    Something not right ▶️ for someone to use unit/Dept like that I said that
    Porsha/Porshalovey latasha

  36. Let’s not forget Tyrees actions that got him in the situation in the first place. People tend to forget all the unbiased facts of the situation. What was done was not ok but be unbiased.

  37. All these professions abused there authority for a human life. What kind of state is this??? I would never feel safe or even want to visit. This was a black on black crime and they are still being treated differently then the white officers. What going on in Memphis. Gbless the famy and the other parents who have to relive this terrible nightmare. Justice for Trek

  38. There is black on black crime everyday. We never see this much sympathy for those victims. I'm so over the double standard.