Memphis Police Oversight Board Chairman Reacts to Investigation into Tire Nichols Death

Three first responders and two more police officers have been fired since the release of body camera footage of the fatal arrest of Tire Nichols. #president #memphis #memphispolice #tyrenichols #investigation #bodycam #deadly #arrest #abcnews #abcnlupdate

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This proves the months long internal investigations are total bs that are went to stop disciplines ..we need laws saying if i.a/command staff doesn't fire / suspend cops that have creditable complaints and they hurt people the should be charged for putting dangerous cops on the street

  2. So they made an ex-police officer the chairman of the Memphis civilian law enforcement review board. That's their first mistake right there.

  3. If you are a person of color, it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in. There is fear of the police.

  4. It’s men inhumanity towards men.

  5. Their first mistake was naming a pastor to a police oversight board. Religious leaders can't keep their pastors, reverends and priests from molesting children and harassing women. How are they expected to prevent police officers from murdering civilians?

  6. Affirmative action bypasses the critical hard work needed for a result that greatly benefits the American people. Lots of police are "fast tracked" into departments in name of "equity" and "diversity". thats a major reason in these tragedies. thats one of many reasons the democrat left are failure and damage

  7. The democRat/J media propaganda to divide us will not fool many people. It’s very clear from the footage that he was resisting/fighting the officers, that he wasn’t complying, and that he fled from the stop for reckless driving. Tasing and pepper spray didn’t work(most likely bc he was on drugs) so the officers used “pain compliance” to get the handcuffs on and once they did, they didn’t touch him again. I see no problem with this arrest

  8. Thank you pastor. I was saddened revolted. Nothing justified his being beatento death. Reform not defund the police. I've watched were people go in to do complaint they are even arrested treated as criminals. This needs to be addressed.

  9. We found a White guy!
    We found a White guy!

  10. The Depraved Republican's don't see any reason for police reform. They are approving of and allowing cops to get away with murder and brutal beatings of American citizens.

  11. Blood on America's and Tennessees hands

  12. "I know it's hard being a cop but some jobs can't have bad apples, everybody gotta be good… like pilots. American Airlines can't be like: 'most of our pilots like to land, we just got some bad apples that like to crash into mountains."
    — Chris Rock

  13. The point of the "review board" is to trick the community into believing police have oversight.

  14. Where the BTL is now since all the police was black themselves lmao

  15. Nickels was banging the cops ex girlfriend. Get the real story

  16. The media isn't reporting the city council lowered police applicant standards to include people with criminal records and. They wanted the demographics of the police department to match the community. Equity killed Tyre Nichols.

  17. Pla pla plaa…Lip service. Make a complaint at the police station and nobody can take your complaint today, finally, months later you have made a complaint and somebody is investigating it for months or years and you will never get any feedback. It is like like your complaint went into a black hole. This process is designed to be so difficult that normal working glass people dont have time to make complaints.

  18. The videos is A deep fake Ya'll Tyre was killed at The Hospital

    Whoever repents of all his sins (turns from sins) and calls on the Name of the LORD, will be saved! He who died on a cross for the sins of the world, rose from the dead on the third day, and by His blood, whoever repents and believes, has full redemption of sins and eternal life!
    Today is the day of your salvation, repent and confess Jesus now as your Lord and be saved, because you broke the law but He paid your fine with His life's blood!

    For those with understanding: Matthew 24:40-41 will take place very soon, this is the sixth seal. This is the generation of the harpazo, rapture, and behold you will witness the trumpet blast that will make the sky recede as a scroll being rolled up! Therefore, be ready and be the five wise virgins, do not be the five foolish virgins! (Parable of the Ten Virgins.)

  20. The entire country sees police in a different light . Trust, respect is gone . This was accomplished in 3 minutes of beating a restrained man to death . God have mercy on their souls .