Memphis ‘SCORPION Unit’ under fire after Tyre Nichols’ brutal beating

New questions are being raised about the disbanded Memphis police department’s “SCORPION Unit” whose officers violently beat Tyre Nichols. NBC News’ Priscilla Thompson has more details on the unit and the firings of other first responders.

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  1. Memphis Tennessee is very corrupt. The work comp office in Memphis are violating Injured Workers civil rights. I am one of those Injured Workers. They are falsifying evidence and removing video evidence. All facts can be corroborated with proof

  2. Another KEY cover up is Not releasing the DASH CAMS from the initial Police Cars

    (video) pursuing to make the stop, saying Tyre was driving erratic before Red Light

  3. They should stop hiring people that were fired from their last job.

  4. Strange how this keeps happening in democrat run cities.

  5. Lots of people get killed everyday,
    why are we still talking about this?

  6. You's are one of the most corrupted news who work for the elite.

  7. More like RACIST yt supremists unit !!! Training black men to be the demons of the Kkk

  8. Long story short:
    Liberal activists demanded more "diversity" so they lowered standards to hire more black officers and got a female police chief.

  9. ROMANS CHAPTER 13👈👈👈👈

  10. Communities need to form armed neighbourhood watches and be present at these arrests to ensure that these tyrannical thugs in blue stay in line with the constitution.

  11. This is what happens when you ignore qualifications and suitability for the role in favour of hiring someone to meet a quota. Liberal insanity is to blame for this man losing his life.

  12. Dumb. bad cops were arrested. everything else is just political liberal pandering.

  13. Pray that BLMtypes will start respecting authority figures duly appointed by the people of this nation of laws

  14. You name your son Tyre (short for Tyrone),. you pretty much set his course in life.

  15. More bucks need to be broken

  16. Ohh yeah they fled too….
    It takes a wolf to catch a wolf

  17. "Scorpion" is likely an oblique reference to the "Asp" device some units implement. Blunt force device. This might explain the means utilized.

  18. Put your self as a cop you arrest someone Biden and his democrats let back out in a hour know one has said if he's got arrest recorded like Floyd he a had a record of a life time criminal

  19. The phony police chief woman was the leader of that Rogue, criminal gang but of course nothing will happen to her

  20. Just gang bangers in uniform. Biggest gang in the usa.

  21. I’m waiting for the riots and loots 🍿
    ( There won’t be any because… fill in the blanks with appropriate words )

  22. Scorpion? A police unit with a name like a criminal and terrorist organization in an old James Bond movie.

    Can't understand how that went wrong…

  23. This is not enough. The EMTs that failed to help Tyre need to go to jail. The officials who created and trained the Scorpions need to go to jail. This will not stop until the people responsible GO TO JAIL for a very long time .

  24. Why did the lady say this was done in 2020 and now the other guy said it happened 5 days prior to the other incident.

  25. well, the question by default is: who else. who else acted in their culture and who else was abused by it. who else.

  26. The Real Scorpion is the person who Reinstated/ Enlisted the Black female police lieutenant after her previous Record of Destruction and Injustices! Her out landish abuse of Authority

  27. Need investigation put in jail

  28. Dems are so confused, they are killing each other and wondering why nobody cares.

  29. Reports that one of the cops gf was seeing Nichols

  30. only call Al when you need cocaine or to cheat on your taxes.

  31. The Blacks on blacks on crimes …is so terribles