Merrick Garland made a 'big mistake': McCarthy

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy discusses the fallout from the FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

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  1. The president I guess it means nothing anymore.

  2. FBI got this info about Trump from a wistleblower….sound familiar.

  3. This is not about Law and Order,or anything Constitutional, it’s total Tyranny against the People of the United States of America!🇺🇸🙏

  4. They have nothing! FBI taking the word of a confidential informer? They’ll do anything they can to get rid of President Trump! God Bless him! 🙏🇺🇸

  5. Library fines motivation. Got it. Creepy fbi needed to check out the panties and skivvies too. Of course. Makes sense.

  6. Now you know they really went looking for dirt he has on the deep state?

  7. Garland is about to charge Trump with a crime for jan 6th right before the election. He knows exactly what he is doing.

  8. Merrick is not qualified to be a turd hurder in a sewage collection facility! Hahahahaha hahahahaha Blahbablahbablah

  9. its to keep president Trump from running

  10. The Evil people running our country will do all they possibly can to stop trump!!Trump!!! With God's help will get back in power and make our country great again!!!!!!! We must pray every day to make this happen!!!!!!!

  11. Garland que lo pongan en la cárcel
    Nada que ocultar, OBAMA se llevó documentos clasificados con códigos nucleares, que van hacer con El
    El presidente ha pedido que publiquen todos los documentos y la orden de allanamiento
    Esto es pura política, siguen con lo del 6 de enero cuando ya se dijo que no hubo nada
    Vayan donde el drogo de HUNTER pedófilo que ha cometido tantos crímenes lo mismo el bueno para nada
    Todo lo del 6 de enero fue planeado, esas ratas tienen 6 de enero como excusa para que Trump no corra para presidente

  12. Why is everyone blaming dufus garland..? Frikken potato head sleepy joe sanctioned the fbi raid.! Quiz that a-wipe why…!!!

  13. Just shows the extreme desperation of the left, they are evil doers and are trying to stop trump any way they can…. Shame shame…. They suffer from trumpphibia…

  14. Never trust McCarthy he is a deep state Rino

  15. They will all be Fired eventually. You can't do this without backlash.







  22. FBI never collected massive documents Obama took home after leaving White House 😵‍💫 truck load ..

  23. What going be done about it

  24. persecution and intimidation that's what it is.

  25. This pathetic AG PO* got duped into believing Parents are terrorists ..
    Not hard to believe this useful idiot got talked into raiding Trumps house and then take the hit, while the Big Guy and his huckster son are of galavanting on the beach pretending to know nothing ..
    Sweet Jesus …!!!

  26. Marrick Garland is a Disgrace…Just Another Opulent Elitists Hypocrite who makes his own laws up as he goes along…Hr should resign in disgrace..

  27. Slojoe Biden is demented.

  28. Cowards !
    They hit him from behind, while he was away, then RAN !

  29. It was the espionage act not the pra

  30. This was a red flag event staged by the FBI to cover up the fact that they knew that mar-a-largo was in fact already filled with wiretap devices and cameras… two of the people who went in to Mar-A-Lago were not federal agents but from a private security company… They will never tell us what is in the affidavit because it would implicate the White House…

  31. They want him to break and leave politics yet it only makes him stronger.

  32. When do you stop running on and OOOOOOOON so the guest can speak? It's as if he has to interrupt you to answer this LOOOOOOOOONG Question.

  33. Dream on right wingers

  34. No it was not a mistake, it was paying the price and giving the "service" required from the people that designated him. He was chosen because he would comply to whatever he would be asked to do, even the dirtiest of jobs. There he is obliging.

  35. This AG Don't made a mistake hell no,
    that was done on real purposes by the
    Democrats party 🥳, and LEFTYLIB'S!!!!

  36. The DOJ Garland has played a scam on citizens of USA but what’s the republicans party going do??? Just whin as usual