Monday , January 18 2021
Home / News / Michael Bloomberg Commits To Spend $100 Million To Help Biden in Florida | Meet The Press | NBC News

Michael Bloomberg Commits To Spend $100 Million To Help Biden in Florida | Meet The Press | NBC News

The former Democratic presidential candidate is aiming to free up Joe Biden’s campaign to focus on other key battleground states.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Michael Bloomberg Commits To Spend $100 Million To Help Biden in Florida | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. How can Bloomberg be a billionaire. One hundred million on the the democratic presidential nomination. One hundred million on Florida. This clown backed the wrong horse twice. Maybe he can apply for COVID relief dollars.

  2. How can the Americans allow Mike Bloomberg to buy votes. They should seize his assets. The government should in prison him ,he should be tried for treason against the United States of America. Long live the Constitution.
    This is the first step to stop communism.


  4. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  5. If you dig deeper you see that he's only doing this because Trump's policies are harming his profits.

  6. What a loser, look at it this way he’s helping stimulate the Trump economy!

  7. This country sucks now. I can't wait until I DIE.

  8. I guess Democrats really don't have a problem with big money influencing politics, as long as it's being spent on Democrats.

  9. Proving elections CAN be bought. Nice work Michael bloomers!

  10. Bloomberg is not doing it to help anyone lol he is investing millions to get a return of Billions.

  11. Mike Bloomberg is just another pro Communist China Government Billionaire! He calls the Covid-19 a European virus!!

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  13. No banks, corporations, as billionairs will ever say Geo-thermal energy,is Clean, free sustainable but it worst set back is it will pay for itself in long term, why didn’t these smart people not back it? No money in it for greedy ones. The challenge with geothermal heating and cooling is not he technology, it's the cost of giving away the energy for free. If individual home owners had to build gas pipelines from their homes to the source of the gas – which they would then get for free – it would be too expensive as well.
    Govermnts billionaires millionairs, need to develope policies to encourage companies to build district based geothermal systems. This will require putting a price on the geothermal energy – like we do with fossil fuels – that homeowners pay for as the use it. Homeowners will then update their furnaces and air conditioners to heat exchanges when replacing them. The cost to the homeowners for switching energy sources will be similar to replacing their current systems, but significantly less than building an entire geothermal systems from scratch.
    This type of approach will encourage businesses to invest in building the carbon friendly infrastructure needed to achieve the carbon reduction targets our government is calling for.

  14. Chris Wallace went as well. Now the the truth is coming out. George Clooney too.

  15. Bloomberg went to Jeffrey Epsteins island .His name appears in the blackbook.

  16. Boycott all Michael Bloomberg Reporting. He is Anti-American Communist

  17. Pay off our debts to vote for Biden.

  18. What can we do to stop election interference like this?

  19. Mini mikey is buying votes for Felons so they can vote, will he also have to pay the 2.7 Million restitution for my murdered sisters reperations due her family. Or will the two killers be allowed to vote anyway?

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  21. How about he uses that 100 mil to help the unemployed in NY?

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