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Michael Brown Sr.: Son Wasn’t First, 'Won't Be The Last' To Die At Hands Of Police | NBC News

Five years after Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a police officer, his father comes forward demanding justice and urges for the case to be revisited.
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Michael Brown Sr.: Son Wasn’t First, ‘Won’t Be The Last’ To Die At Hands Of Police | NBC News


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  1. As a father you teach your kids to do right and stay out of trouble if you care about them. Micheal Browns death is a show of how his parents failed to parent their offspring.

  2. This is why white folk have a hard time taking black people seriously…

  3. For those wondering the hat he's wearing costs like 50 bucks… that's the priorities of these people…

  4. Spent the 3 minutes watching news coverage on the incident and what have I learned? Robbing a convenience store and fighting with the police will get you shot! Did anyone and not draw that conclusion?

  5. Maybe you should have taught your thug son to not rob convenience stores and to not attack police officers. If you would have done your duty as a father, your thug son would be alive today.

  6. Obama's own justice department determined that he was shot while fighting with the officer not surrendering. Hands up don't shoot is based on a lie.

  7. Had he not been out thuggin in da hood and robbing stores, he would be alive today. The kid got what was coming to him.

  8. Although Michael Brown was put on the spot for mischief, he doesn't deserve to get shot 14 times by Officer Wilson, In Wilson's words "there was a struggle between him and the officer over a gun" however if Wilson did wear a cop camera in 2014, then we'll get to see how it really happens in order to take the officer word.

  9. You're right. He wasn't the first and won't be the last. Parents need to better raising their kids so their kids respect others.

  10. The father is right, stupid violent blacks are a dime a dozen, many more will be shot by the police. Stupid has consequences.

  11. Esp. if you rob convenience stores and charge at cops…

  12. This is a Case of Black People Thinking The Law Doesn't Apply To Them.

  13. The man raised a thug, and thugs get shot. He got his taxpayer funded payoff, so what is he crying about?

  14. The town of Ferguson was USED by the Obama administration to stoke racial hatred and further the goals of American leftists. Any "racism" there was invented by the Obama DOJ and Eric Holder and the "activists" with which the administration collaborated. It's sad that Democrats don't feel they can get electoral majorities to back their agenda without using the politics of hate and division.

  15. As a black man, I am so dissapointed by this narrative. Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and assaulted the owner (Johnson, his friend supports this account), he did not listen to the officer's directions to get off the street (Johnson, his friend supports this account), he fought with the officer (supported by multiple witness accounts), and was charging at the officer and was in a pose to tackle him (supported by multiple black or interracial accounts). Do I wish death on Michael Brown? Obviously not. However , if you rob convenience stores and attack police officers then you are not someone that I want left on the street.

  16. this man is the King of disrespect!

  17. The reckless display of ignorance in this case continues to this day. Liberal media outlets, politicians, and activists still use the Michael Brown incident as an example of racial injustice and police brutality despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Michael Brown was correctly identified as a suspect in a small arm robbery that occurred shortly beforehand. When Officer Wilson tried to detain him, Brown assaulted the officer and even tried to grab his gun. The claim that Michael Brown put his hands in the air to surrender was completely debunked by forensics and witnesses. Even after a grand jury ruled the shooting was justified, the Department of Justice (under Eric Holder) did it's own investigation and found zero evidence that the shooting was racially motivated or that Wilson violated Brown's civil rights. Liberals are either living in complete denial or they simply don't fact check

  18. NBC just flat out lying. Obama’s own DOJ concluded “hands up don’t shoot” was a lie and that after robbing a store and assaulting the owner ( while doped up) he attacked the officer. Facts !!

  19. The only reason NBC is beating a dead horse and broadcasting this, is to try and stir up more drama/hatred….Maybe NBC can incite another riot and go rush to report on it…More riots=More views for NBC=More views for NBC=More money.

  20. Mike Brown deserved what he got. He was a thug. His step daddy should be in prison for starting the riot. The media once again distorted this story.

  21. I'm a liberal and Michael Brown jr was a thug that got what he deserved. Hey greedy Sr., where were you when your thug son was robbing the store clerk and fighting with the cops?? Now you're shedding alligator tears. There are real police victims out there your thug son wasn't one of them.

  22. He was on his way to preaching the word of Jesus!
    That poor gentle giant.
    Black people committing SO much crime, is all due to not letting black people live their lives.
    White nationalists just want high trust communities and maintain 1st world living standards!
    It's evil!

  23. Yet this heartfelt and calm video was not what was shown on my local NBC news. Instead they showed a car on fire of footage from 5 years ago.

  24. Jesus Christ here with you in Los Angeles and with the families effected by gun violence.
    I and Tracking Point are creating an AI safety for voiding lethal shots, especially where the AI does not see a gun through the TP scope.
    As I prepare the Christ Foundation, My Father at the Godhead, and help build the architecture of a four branched Transnational Governance of We the People of North America and for the North American UNION, We will be assuring 2nd Amendment rights or similar while checking and balancing and ruling those rights with Public Branch specific Amendments; the Public Branch featuring the Counselor Major at Inspector General; law enforcement leadership being separated from military command of the Executive Branch & future Interfederal Bureau of Investigations.
    Quantum AI applications, simulation, holomedia, and hologram related regulations will be addressed, oversighted, and assigned to the Public Branch.
    For the People. By the We.
    In Liberty and Justice and Mercy for All!
    All ways under God knOwn by We the People in Our Multiplicity and Fruitfulness!

  25. Michael Brown was a low life thug he robbed the store and assaulted the owner in front of his family and customers, and he try to do the same to the police officer, at the end he got what his daddy never taught him, how to behave like a civilize human being.

  26. By the way, where was this "father"before it became profitable to care about his son?

  27. When a thug physically assaults a law enforcement officer no one should be shocked if said Thug ends up dead. Police officers have the right to defend themselves. And I say that as a black American male.

  28. Most in hood can’t serve on a Jury. So we drive it home. Follow our laws or bye bye you go.

  29. Live like a thug guess what happens

  30. The problems in Ferguson are the same as in most US cities … broken family structure, broken public school system, lack of accountability, lack of responsibility …all driven by the Democrat controlled local governments.

  31. Sounds like daddy needs mo' money, mo' money, mo' money! Good riddance to street thug Michael Brown.

  32. We all remember the truth … This was the case where the dishonest media said "hands up, don't shoot" … but, then when we learn the facts, we learned that the guy was a criminal, he was caught robbing a grocery store, he resisted arrest, he attacked the police, he tried to steal a cop's gun and never once did he put his hands up.

  33. Why is something so simple so elusive; no one can fix Ferguson's problems except the people of Ferguson. Government's responsibility is to provide policies and public programs that create an environment where people can take ownership of their own destiny but in the end, it is up to each individual to take responsibility for himself. If the expectation is that someone else is responsible to make your life better, the cycle of brokenness will continue; this is true in Ferguson as it is in Baltimore, Chicago, and every city, just pick a name.  In our country, income inequality is not a problem, it's an observation of what has been and will always be true; some people will always earn and accumulate more money than others. What is important is whether or not a community can provide job opportunities with wages sufficient to allow the residents to provide for themselves. The challenge is to restore the dignity and self respect to people who lost hope and throwing money at it won't fix it.

  34. It was sad what happened, but he attacks a police officer and we all have the right to defend are self, and if someone knows I have a gun and they're attacking me and knowing I have a gun we'll as a civilian defending myself I must do.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. Mike Brown should not have picked a fight and go for that cops gun. It is all on Mikes head. There was NO "hands up" Mike was a thug and a bully.


  37. Brown's father should have actually cared about his son many years ago and taught him to respect other people's property . Brown's father should have cared about him many years ago and taught him the laws and to follow them . Brown's Father should have cared about him enough to have taught him to follow the simple instructions given to brown by the police .
    Had those things occurred as it should have . Michael would be alive today .
    I'm not buying the crocodile tears . You think there is a open cash box for you .
    Your criminal offspring died of your failed parenting skills . Traject , yes but it was avoidable .

  38. glad a thug is off the streets ☺

  39. America is more than just a nation.
    It's a concept in application.
    It's an idea, we are obligated to share.
    Yet, ideas can change to be ideal.


  41. Oh this is rich! Try to say the left NBC ABC CBS MSNBC CNN are not trying to get so RACE war going. CNN white people that voted for Trump are "racist" <–holy JESUS..

    You got the "FIVE YEARS AFTER" right? What about the people as in some Mexicans that crossed the BORDER.. lets just go back to MAY 2019 and KILLED Americans… ran over Americans. <–how is THAT NOT A STORY! Yet you talk about Blacks and COPS?

    Did ya look at Chicago? You know the BLACK killing BLACKS.. so many are kids.. DONT YOU CARE AT ALL NBC? TRUMP is more important then real people dying? 290 since Jan 2019 have died in that ONE CITY!

    You people don't get it.. theyve been trying to do something for a while now and TRUMP up set the cart. The CHANT you can still watch on YOUTUBE at COLLAGES and when they did the SAME Chant ad Tucker's house from FOX "no borders no walls no USA AT ALL" <-that was the Chant.. ALL DEMS.. ALL WHITE.

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