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Michael Drejka found guilty of manslaughter

Drejka faces up to 30 years in prison after shooting and killing Markeis McGlockton in a Florida parking lot; he initially used the state’s “stand your ground” law in his defense.


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  1. This is a terrible verdict..after he pushed him down..he started to walk towards him to continue the assault…I would have shot him too!

  2. Wtf did race have to do with this.

  3. I'm so happy they found this murderer guilty! He thought he could do whatever he wanted and live his life like nothing ever happened well wrong! NOW let's see if he tries to go off on a CO or inmate!! The scales of justice prevailed in this case.

  4. Wish people didnt conduct themselves like these people involved. All were wrong and all suffer but think of the ones who were there are actually innocent people, like the children.

  5. Glad the piece of crap is dead!!
    You don’t go around pushing people!!!

  6. Drejka is a white fascist and exploited a poorly written law in order to conduct a Klan style execution. If I had my way him and all people like him would be executed.

  7. As a black man this gets my dick hard knowing a white man is going to jail for life.

  8. As you can see, the black family acts like the victims. Maybe dont go pushing people hard to the ground? Im sure there were some racial reasons for the black man to do that.
    These societal situations NEVER place any blame or accountability on blacks. And watch when the black man violates the white man in some news story. They never bring up skin color during the detailing of what happened.

  9. May Michael Drejka be savaged by endless ‘colonoscopies’ by his new friends in the Florida prisons mentorship program.

  10. This sounds about white white supremacists terrorist neanderthug cave dwelling tree climbing mongrel gutless coward this was a hate crime aggravated assasult with deadly weapon senseless violence the stand your ground is very racist jimcrow slave law in Florida fuck Florida he should have been charged with capital murder in the 1st premeditated murder life sentence without parole this coward should be in general population nojustice nopeace

  11. Hopefully they got rid of that sheriff, he saw the same video we did! I white man shoots a black man who was moving backwards. Like most other cases the sheriff justified it. It should be known this guys father was in law enforcement in Maryland. Things need to change

  12. I Probable do the same thing if I have a gun. Hence why I don't own a gun

  13. Even the guy in blue shirt had time to decide to get away after gun was pulled, so MD had time to see he wasn’t in imminent danger. The problem is, without a gun, people like drejka would be mice, hiding, not saying anything. But because he’s armed, he walks tall, looking for conflict. Where’s the accountability of gun owners. Don’t start shit, period. Stand your ground should only apply to non confrontational situations, like walking home and a man asks why your here , wait, trevon Martin case reversed, as the shooter was aggressor again. It’s guy with gun who thinks he’s bigger than all when he’s packing, worse than a criminal with a gun cus he is.

  14. The only reason dude stepped back is because he saw the gun. Right before the shooter pulled his gun, dude was pulling up his pants to fight. I wonder if anyone learned anything from this? Keep your hands to yourself, learn to park and don’t whine racist when you attack someone first! Who really lost here? Dudes dead, shooters waiting on appeal. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  15. To be fair the guy was definitely walking backwards as he was shot. If the shooter was still being pursued after being pushed down (assaulted) then fair enough and it would've been self-defence (and the dead guy would be going to jail) in my humble opinion.

  16. Sometimes when I'm prepare to take a parking spot another brute just take it and I'm left with nothing. What do I do? Sometimes I tell the brute how horrible she/he is and the end. I just look for another parking space. No point in hurting people for a silly parking space.

  17. A true injustice which all of America should be embarrased by.
    The Jury was confused about the law and found a man guilty for protecting himself after being physically attacked and the news makes it all about racism. All because everyone involved did something stupid.

    The news race bated everyone and found this man guilty before trial.

    If the jury didnt understand the law the man should be not guilty or a hung jury.

    Most importantly how do people not understand that you have a God given right to defend yourself from "great bodily harm or death" when physically attacked?

    Like it or not he was attacked and knocked to the ground. In the seconds after he was blind sided he chose to protect himself rather than wait to be beaten more. How long should you wait? How much time do people think is sufficient to decide someone else who just attacked you is going to continue their attack on you or not? How do you know when the second the attacker is going to knock you out or kill you so you can react before that second to defend your life?

    This verdict is wrong. Any reasonable person who just got blind sided and knocked to the ground with great force as seen in the video and then saw a large man standing over them would feel confused and that their life was threatened and should be able to defend themselves.

  18. Welcome To Florida Michael…….Enjoy Your Long Stay!!!!!

  19. That's OK, one more trash in the ground.😂😂😂 just think about , what if he didn't put hands on this guy, would he still be alive?

  20. He deserved to be convicted! He started the confrontation and escalated the violence exponentially. He then shot and killed an unarmed man that was already walking away.

  21. Learn to keep your hands to yourself. He deserved to be shot.

  22. Wtfff? Killing someone over a parking spot dispute? Soon they’ll all be armed and it’ll be like the Wild West. Or is it already like that? Civil war possibly? Jeez!

  23. Somebody, please KILL the bustard in prison

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