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Michael Vick's 7 greatest Mobile QBs of All Time | QB7 | FOX NFL

Michael Vick picks his top 7 mobile quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL.

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Michael Vick’s 7 greatest Mobile QBs of All Time | QB7 | FOX NFL

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  1. Who is your favorite quarterback of all time?

  2. Lamar Jackson #1 after this year is finished

  3. “I’ve never been axed”. Cringe

  4. Vick sound like a southern New yorker

  5. Honorable mention: deshaun watson

  6. I really can't believe ppl are still sleeping on deshaun Watson smh

  7. In terms of scrambling ability I think Staubach is one of the best to ever do it as well

  8. Coming up next: Michael Vick's 7 Greatest Dogfights

  9. The reason he’s #1 is because he had 4.20ish speed,Rocket arm,great juke ability and made some crazy plays in the NFL at a time when the defense destroyed QBs(less protected back then by rules)so in turn injuries etc

  10. Vick’s always gonna be the best mobile qb

  11. I think Vick would’ve been the best QB if he didn’t make the mistake we know he made

  12. I would put Cam at number 1 because he’s done the most with less help, then McNabb because he had literally nobody on his team plus the only person he had was Terrell. I think he he had Terrell for 2 seasons out of his 9 career but Russell Wilson at number 3 because he’s doing things with less now in his career.

  13. Russell Wilson #6!!!? Definitely should be top 3 and I could make an argument he could be #1

  14. 1. Young
    2. Wilson
    3. Tarkenton

  15. I agree with lamar but i wouldve liked lamar #1 and russel #2

  16. Russell Wilson deserves to be ranked number one. He is the most efficient player on this list. He is currently the only player on this list with a career QB rating over 100. He won a Super Bowl unlike most people on this list, and the only other winner on the list is Steve Young. You and Lamar certainly are not better quarterbacks than Russell. Lamar hasn't done anything yet in this league.

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