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Michelle Obama DNC 2020: Trump "in over his head' (FULL) | USA TODAY

Michelle Obama: “Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country… It is what it is.”
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Former first lady Michelle Obama headlines the first night of the Democratic National Convention and offers a rebuke of President Donald Trump.

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  1. It's not that Michelle Obama hates this country, it's that she is not pleased with what is occurring in this country!!!

  2. Come on Michael. Come on man. Come on guy. Stfu sir

  3. OK Lets forget for a moment the idea of being a Democrat & Republican. Who can in good faith cannot admire this heartfelt and clear statement?

  4. Michelle u cant be serious! r u blind!

  5. I will never believe nothing of this women has to say Hipócrates

  6. Under YOUR husbands Presidency, my taxes were higher, I paid 100 percent more in health care. So please tell me why I should listen to anything you say. You do not speak for me as a woman.

  7. Obama is the most corrupt president in US history.

  8. I just looked at a bunch of the comments and all I can think is you are all the people asking others to be respectful of Trump now that he is Covid positive. You really have no right most of you do not posses an ounce of respect.

  9. In 1985, Egyptian mummies were successfully cloned. You can clone the
    cells of these mummies because the Egyptian technique of mummification
    was superior to anything we can do today. Now, the reason our world
    Socialists went ga-ga over these clones is because, even though ancient
    Egypt 'was but a remnant of the Atlantean culture (Donovan),' these
    cloned mummies nevertheless represent a modern-day connection to
    Atlantis. And the so-called Atlantean 'utopia' is these Socialist's
    history, their religion. It's just too bad the religion is Luciferian
    sun-worship and the 'utopia' is fake. Anyway, a fake background was
    fabricated, fake documents produced, & it was made into a US
    President. The complaints about rules in the Constitution were
    irrelevent since America's been living under the Commie UN Charter for
    decades. In the meantime, the Queen, who never lays hands on anybody,
    put her arm around Michael Levon Robinson at the G20. Because Mike is
    symbolic of the androgynous New World Order. The Illumined human that
    will take us into the Age of Pisces on the cosmic calendar. In other
    words, a return to the tyranny and despotism of past centuries.

  10. Michelle Obama. You do not care. I read right through you. Your body language. Meta verbal. Your mindful as you adjust your voice. Yeahhh I see it all.

  11. Lol! She’s describing everything Biden is NOT!! 🤦🏻‍♀️. Omg! The lies! 🤢

  12. Democrats have really becomes poets. They’re so sure that this generation is full of emotional wracks, that all they have to do is throw some Shakespeare on u😄

  13. Let’s review The Democratic Platform … 🔻Higher Taxes 🔻Defund Police 🔻Unprotected Borders 🔻Benefits for Illegals 🔻Abortion’s the Day of Birth 🔻Confiscate Firearms 🔻Release Violent Felons.
    They riot, burn, loot and destroy our businesses and allow criminals to take over city blocks. Nothing but a bunch of idiots. Joe’s been promising to do something for over 40 years!!! What a joke.
    🇺🇸 Republicans will bring our country back to where it should be. The majority of Patriotic Americans will show up at the polls this year to ensure another 4 years of Donald Trump. Enjoy the ride. 😊


  15. I thought you were embarrassed by being an American?
    Just go away!

  16. MSM, Hollywood, BLM, and DNC causing many democrats to leave the party. They are out of touch with their own people. Democrats moving away from the far left beliefs. Democrats don't need to worry about republicans, but their own party that's dismantling

  17. Why does she drop the "ing" in her words? She's an intelligent woman..
    Is she talking down to me?🤔

  18. I'm detecting a 5 o'clock shadow on that mug!

  19. His neckless says mike i did not even see that before. This dude is not even hiding what he is anymore.

  20. Why haven’t they figured out how to deal with her 5 o’clock shadow?

  21. She got fat…looks like this racist hater dosen't follow her own diet advise to our children.

  22. Michelle for president ✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽✋🏾✋🏿

  23. Danum Danum Dude looks like a lady danum danum. Sorry but seeing comments and looking at well that face kinda see where people are coming from.

  24. Michelle tapping into every victim complex she possibly can…wolf in sheep clothing.

  25. All I want to know is if michelle isn’t actually a dude named Michael then why is she wearing a necklace that says “mike”. Y’all are so damn blind. Lol

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  27. No substance just Trump bashing why do they say when they go high because they NEVER DO Go President Trump GREATEST President EVER!!

  28. Michelle we love you but how can you fail to talk about the gang violence and the killing of kids in our streets? Why are the Democrat cities in such a mess. You want to help us, but you didn't do it!!! Why have the Democrats become haters, cancel culture, burning, de-platforming speakers who we want to hear speak on or campuses, shutting down free speech. C'mon…

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