Saturday , July 31 2021
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Michigan becomes first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes

FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald covers Michigan’s ban of flavored e-cigarettes.

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  1. Gretchen Shitmer taking your freedoms away. GTFO! Oh wait pg-vg &flavor made@home thanks.

  2. But you can buy Four Loco Watermelon flavored Malt Liquor 12% abv? Well played big tobacco cigarette cancer merchants.

  3. But they're not gonna ban cigarettes, dip, flavored nictotine gum, or alchohol, and especially not cough medicine the thing kids can get from their medicine cabniet or faking a cough..

  4. I read a book by a mob guy. He said “I love the law. Every time you make something illegal, you make a new business for me.”

  5. If and when a mind control device is created, the inventor will definitely be a Democrat.

  6. Funny stuff , But Michigan has the most dangerous Cult in the world living there an Enemy of the American way of life and all of the American people , This cult Islam is a cancer . they got bigger problems than flavored e- cigs , what the hell is going on over there , you need to ban the cult Islam

  7. Ecigs helped me stop smoking 6 years ago . I still vape and my lungs are finally healthy again.

  8. Good. Damned things should have never hit the market in the first place.

  9. 250 cases out of 2,000,000 users is better than cigarettes

  10. Ban of e-cigarette's.
    How about smoking?

  11. Simply imagine this. Philip Morris, the Super Rich Company didn't produce the content and agrees with Marijuana.

  12. The Progs cant stand for anything or anyone to exist beyond their control….how many was it..200 that have health issues?…mostly from street THC…that doesnt matter,..what does is its 200 out Millions of users….the CDC …just released what they think is its rather benign…needs further study (duh) its far safer than cigarettes and the what is it ,700 known chemical carcinogens… …Sanity….is in short supply in this nation ,ruled by the Emotions of a few…just imagine how bad it will be in fifty years……

  13. Just stand back and watch someone vaping they look pathetic, so weak willed. You reap what you sow!!

  14. Cigarettes arnt banned yet? Liberals really are a low point partie of insanity.

  15. bull ! name these 215 different illnesses…. LIES!

  16. People are going to be buying e-cigarettes like they bought crack back in the day

  17. I love this because
    1) it pisses off Repubs and libertarians,
    2) it protects kids who are not mature enough to realize the dangers of vaping,
    3) it is yet another example of the government protecting people from hurting themselves
    4) by decreasing the number of vaping idiots I am less likely to have to pay for their medical bills through higher insurance premiums.
    5) it exposes the lies and misinformation being spread by the marketing scum of the vaping companies like Juul.

  18. Just smoke Dope . Its Legal in 9 States & the District of Columbia . And more accepted than Cigarettes .

  19. Yeah I tried it. Basically got pneumonia. Had a wet lung for a year or 2 afterwards. Its deadly. Dont try it.

  20. If Vapers Paid Seperate Tax To Fix our crap Roads She Wouldnt of banned it

  21. 😂😂😂😂 but still sell tobacco ?? God I hope to see us all burn the leaders of the human race are such 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣

  22. I think the cigarettes industry push law maker to band their competitor e-cigarettes. Tobacco Cigarette also cause cancer, how come nobody ban that?

  23. why not band Cigarette's altogether.. that's right , Who do you think is getting them ban esmoking.. , so they can sell more Tobacco….. and they accept tax's from cancer victims.

  24. The likes and dislike are split on the video.
    At this time: 48 Likes, 42 Dislikes.

  25. Because banning something makes the perceived "problem" go away right? NO! It creates a black market this createing more criminals out regular people.

    Meanwhile tobacco and alcohol are legal. Both of which cause far more deaths a day then E Cigs ever have.

  26. Know they will buy cigarettes like the tobacco industry wanted well played

  27. If cigarettes are legal then this ban can't be constitutional. Somebody needs to file a lawsuit.

  28. 🤣 yeah because everyone knows the "kids" are using them for nicotine…. and not getting high off thc.

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