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Michigan survives 2OT vs Army on strip-sack | 60 IN 60 | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS

Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan squad needed every last second to hold off Army at the Big House, as the defense came up big on a 3rd down pass attempt by the Black Knights to seal a double overtime win and start the season 2-0, despite a big scare for the Wolverines.

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Michigan survives 2OT vs Army on strip-sack | 60 IN 60 | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS

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  1. Were you surprised by this outcome?

  2. I'm a michigan fan but judging from this game the wolverines are highly overrated…we're not gonna survive the season playing like this

  3. If you can't handle team like Army you don't deserve to be in a top 10 let alone the top 25

  4. Surprised? Why? Don't worry Michigan fans will have excuses all week. Michigan has not won the conference in 14 years and they have one shared National Title in 71 years. They are 1-14 lately against top 10 opponents. Just because the media keeps propping them up every preseason doesn't mean the rest of us believe it. Wisconsin is going to run all over them. They will be lucky to finish 4th in the division.

  5. Michigan will get smacked in the Big Ten. They are some PUNKS, straight up. Patterson went down like he was injured but walked off of the field after putting his helmet back on! He wasn't hurt. The #7 team had to FAKE A PUNT against an unranked opponent. They had to win in 2OT and then celebrated like they had beaten Ohio State. Wow. I'd be worried, Michigan fans. Go Army.

  6. Wisconsin probs gonna beat Michigan (I’m very high on Wisconsin). But anyways props to Army for not just this game but the one against my Sooners last year

  7. Michigan did not deserve to win this game

  8. Play McCaffrey not Patterson. Throw when you think you should run. QB goes Under center inside the 5 yard line. It's that simple this week. Otherwise Wisconsin is gonna lay the beating on us

  9. Sloppy Michigan win. It’s going to be a long season…

  10. "…and the Wolverines survive" Army. We have no discipline on offense and the defense is weak. Wisconsin just crushed Cincinnati and let's not speak of how Ohio is doing.

  11. Lucky they survived that 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. I'm a huge Michigan fan, I've loved them my entire life and I loved the comeback kid, Jim Harbaugh in college and in the pros and I thought I liked him as a coach but he is far too pompous and arrogant now and too stubborn to admit that Shea Patterson sucks! I'm 47 years old and I'm a better quarterback than Shea Patterson!!! Straight up!!!!
    Look what happened when Harbaugh was an idiot as a coach for the Niners and he benched Alex Smith, a pocket passer, so that he could start that mental midget, Collin CRAPernick!!!!!!!!! In that case, his pride….. lost him a head coaching position in the NFL!!!!

  13. dropped punt returns flag after flag. get it together or get out of the way. yeah but we will beat OSU? michigan fans we gotta call em out for this trash.

  14. im a michigan fan but come on we are transitioning to a new type offense. they are just sloppy two games in a row. at least say what it is. they should be ashamed. we need to start calling em out for their garbage play.

  15. Honestly I think we need to start Dylan McCaffrey

  16. Lmfao why is everyone sleeping on Army?

  17. From a Michigan fan: big-time credit to army! The fact that it took two top 10 teams to overtime and almost one both in a span of two years is incredible.

  18. The defense we saw in the fourth quarter, especially at the end of the game was the defense we saw from last year.
    However, Harbaugh and Gattis need to get the offense ready. Peoples-Jones is coming back, but I still don't think we have a shot at beating them if we don't make adjustments.

  19. Wisconsin & Ohio St both pitched shutouts today while Michigan was fortunate to escape. Hope Michigan improves drastically or they will be also rans in Big 10.

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