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Mick Mulvaney admits quid pro quo with Ukraine

The White House acting chief of staff said President Trump ordered him to withhold military aid in part to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democrats.


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  1. With "Best People" like this, who needs the Democrats?

  2. VOTE ACCORDING TO WHOSE POLICIES YOU FAVOR. Corruption is on both sides… choose the candidate that moves the U.S. in the direction YOU want it to go.

  3. Dick Allvaney is a moron!

  4. If Mulvaney had stated there was a quid pro quo, don't you think the liberal news media would have taken the time to quote him? What you morons are failing to understand is the definition of quid pro quo as the Supreme Court defines it in the Hobbs Act

  5. Why are democrats so afraid for Ukraine to investigate what happened in 2016. That is asking for actual truth to come out…..some are afraid……some are very afraid.

  6. That is how the media is twisting his words. He said the funds were held up for several reasons.. That other countries were not giving enough, making sure Ukraine was working on cleaning up corruption….which in part was looking at what happened in 2016….that is not quid pro quo but it is something the democrats don't want to uncover. Trump did not ask Ukraine to do anything that shouldn't have already been done. He only asked them to find the TRUTH, wherever that lies and he offered them nothing for it (he didn't say if you don't investigate, you won't get any money and he didn't ask them for a particular outcome). He just asked for an honest investigation. From what I hear Ukraine didn't even know any money was delayed until it was in the paper and the money flowed without Ukraine actually doing anything. Unlike Biden who said if the prosecutor was not fired there would be no money and he was fired before they got the money….that is quid pro quo.

  7. – Min 25 . No quid pro quo.fake news fake news

  8. Hey media… please stop using quid pro quo like broken records. Doesn't sound smart. Widen your vocabulary and switch it up with some synonyms please.

  9. I wouldn't give them aid either if they were helping corrupt the 2016 and not investigating it. My question is why wasn't Obama stopping aid to Ukraine? Oh, that's right, because they were helping the Democrats.

  10. Better defence for Mulvaney: "Hillary Clinton injected me with truth serum before I came out."

  11. Absolute Fake News Propaganda to say
    "Mick Mulvaney admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine."
    The only person to use the phrase "quid pro quo" was Johnathan Karl.

  12. I have never seen nor heard of sooooooo many people leaving the White House since Trump has been in office. Ugh! This president gives me a headache. Ughhhhhhh!

  13. We are so sic’ of this political coup de tat ran by the CIA. And the global wealthy elitists .
    We don’t believe these Lying CIA ran propaganda channels trying to trip someone up in words.
    Confuse someone & twist there words.

    Cant wait for these corrupt people running this coup to go to prison !

  14. One more, again and again and again attack against President Trump. Nothing from the democrat, intelligentsia, state and federal bureaucrats and especially the media is the truth. Nobody that purports to be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States Of America as a democrat – is worth one Americans vote. They all hate freedom, America and Americans.

  15. Good…Now moron…don't honor the subpoena …They can just play the video..;." of your confession and Trump's involvement" TOTALLY AWESOME !!!

  16. quid pro quo implies self interest or enrichment in exchange for political favors…see Clinton Foundation.

  17. Rick put in his notice to leave months ago. Get the story right. 🤦‍♀️

  18. ABC is so fake and bias. Taking out sound bites and altering the video, etc. Shame on you guys. Just like the Kentucky video you just got busted on. Media is the enemy!!!!!!

  19. Remember the good ole days, when Presidents argued over issues such as “is oral sex actual sex”? Yeah. We thought THAT was “bad…”

  20. …….."Oooooooooops………shit……. I told the truth. I would like to take the truth back and replace it with a lie from Trump."

  21. Where does Trump get these clowns?

  22. Since we know that the Obama administration had a bipartisan Senate Ukraine caucus to work to get Viktor Shoskin fired we know this is not the way they did it. When Mulvaney says we do it all the time he's only referring to the Trump administration. IMPEACH THE ORANGE DICTATOR

  23. I murder all the time, your honor. This is not a crime if I commit it often.

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