Sunday , December 5 2021
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Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn in China as corporate crackdown expands

Microsoft is pulling LinkedIn out of China over censorship and the Coinbase CEO calls for a new approach to cryptocurrency regulation. Tech analyst Pete Pachal with more. #FOXBusiness

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  1. All thanks to 👆 on YouTube you really make me happy after I met him he really changed my life

  2. All thanks to 👆 on YouTube you really make me happy after I met him he really changed my life

  3. Tatzs oke China there getting eaten by chips

  4. LinkedIn kowtows to the CCP, splits the company to stifle speech

  5. Hmmm good idea !! Rid America of Facebook and Twitter, true trators of America 💩

  6. No we have the bill of rights and freedom of speech and to gather and freedom of religion and freedom to bear arms and freedom from illegal search and siezure. This is the space age which comes after the computer age. So i guees you want to go to the industrial age which was kind of like the iron age. Freedom of the press. Freedom of the people the states and federal Republic that cannot be taken away or changed.

  7. Organized crime and state rights democratic california claims it owns microsoft and linkdin and they do not. Because bad state actors are in violation of ww2 law they cannot operate there because they have addmitted they committed crimes against humanity and enslavement with microsoft theft and linkedin as well. China does not allow state terrorists to cause public problems or insight riots. Because the owner and creator of microsoft hasnt full control and criminal org and bad state actors do america loses out on a potential trillion dollar market and partnership.

  8. Iron curtains, police states, welfare institutions poverty socialism and communism.
    Lets get social netwirks into the hundrrds of millions of prisoners and poor and homless and welfare in america that dont have it except the guards and government who sit around.

  9. Let's go Brandon!

    clap… clap… clap clap clap


  10. The world should copie China on big tech close them down. Block. Yes you tube too

  11. Yes shut down everything…. We give a fuk…. America is a sinking ship

  12. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  13. "Facebook and Twitter don't operate in China."
    Why not be specific? Facebook and Twitter aren't available to citizens in China, but the CCP has infested all social media. 🙄

  14. America doesn’t need to be doing business in China. And we don’t need to be allowing American companies to invest in theirs. Money should never come before human rights. Sneakers should not come before human rights. Please do not buy Nike and please look online there are a few sites that you can buy made in America only.

  15. No one misses big brother in China. I left LinkedIn. Started to order me around.

  16. GOOD as Linkedin cancelled my account for leaning RED. Now if we can ban them here.

  17. now shutdown all incoming china flights

  18. Xi literally wants no one but Han Chinese in the country. All foreigners are now persona non grata. Americans have been shocked that overnight, long term close friends and associates have dissasociated themselves completely. Frigid.

  19. Think about how much better off America would be if Twitter and Facebook were banned here

  20. Biden is the tip of the woke idiot spear. The hell being created is due to a failed religion, the religion of the demonic totalitarian woke liberal. To bring back our Republic, we must expunge fully this cancer from our culture…

  21. China better cut itself off from the rest of the world and the world should just let China retreat to a corner.

  22. Social media platforms are destroying the West.

  23. Any American company or sports team in China deserve what they get invest in your own country

  24. 303.66 = zionists and dragons joined forces or not !?

  25. MS should shut down all operations and sales to China. However China is smarter then the US in cracking down on Tech Companies. We should be doing the same.

  26. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  27. kick everything america out of china

  28. Whos responsible for this horrible Attack on USA via c19 Communist19?.
    1. Bill Gaetz *Eugenics/Vaccine promoter
    2.Klown Schwab *Chief Executive IMF/WEF
    3. Big Tech Oligarchy. Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter Dorsey
    4. Dr Fauci. Technocrat for Big Pharma
    5. Who else ? ???
    *NeverNever let employers bully you– Biden 100 employee vaxx Mandate=Unlawful Unconstitutional so never signed into legislature, only Press Release (scare tactic)

  29. My Linkden was hacked within the same month that my old private high school was hacked and Microsoft tried to confiscate my account for trying to expose the pop music industry and science frauds that have stolen billions of dollars worth of my intellectual property.

  30. Lets go Brandon….%*€£ joe biden

  31. China also corrupts US business profiles on LinkedIn

  32. So disturbed with China tolerance. China grabbers , including banks, the fed, must surrender as insurrectionists .

  33. China is way smarter than we are, no social media.

  34. So they help install a Chinese puppet here in the US but can't even operate in China themselves?

  35. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare**********

  36. They finally had enough people delete their profiles before LinkedIn realized that people are tired of being sp!Ed on.

  37. Nobody should want to do business in Chyna. Worst culture this world has to offer.

  38. Censorship in China bad, censorship in US good?…..FJB

  39. Sorry but like most conservatives I saw what those Chinese communists were going to do after our politicians sold us out to China 20 years ago. You can never ever trust a communist especially the ones in our govt.

  40. Good pull everything out of China they are becoming another Hermit Kindom.


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