Monday , August 2 2021
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Middle-income families could bear Biden tax hike burden

Former Reagan economist Art Laffer says he doesn’t think Biden is going to ‘get a good result’ on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxNews #Kudlow

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  1. Biden gives with one hand and takes double with the other hand….

  2. When prices of goods goes up..the government automatically collects more in taxes..its perfect for them! what a racket..

  3. Call me shocked! Who could've seen this coming? Steve Wonder? Helen Keller?

  4. Look, this is simple. More people voting = existential threat to



    That means there is no bipartisan compromise available on voting rights in the Senate.

    There are only 2 options now. A partisan effort to stop an autocratic takeover. Or, a bipartisan effort to enable it.

  5. Remove the Filibuster NOW!!!

  6. BREAKING: The GOP filibustered the debate on the For The People Act.

    They just voted against democracy.

  7. The globalists want to break the economy and run the businesses out of the nation

  8. Don’t forget 10% for the Big Guy!

  9. Hell yes!!! I love it
    Drag all those millionaires including Trump to pay taxes.

  10. Any Moran knows the corporate tax will hit the middle class big time, oh wait there is 80 million Moran that obviously didn't know that

  11. We make less than 400 k a year he said no tax on family making less than that

  12. The middle class always has to take it up the tail pipe

  13. combine Biden-imposed 1) inflation, 2) economic headwinds and 3) increased taxation and the middle class is headed for a significant downturn.

  14. It's not could, but is how long? The middle income will always take the burden, and a politicians will always lie that they say they don't.

  15. Kudlow is a bullsh er Corporate tax rate under Trump was 35% and was reduced to 21% and Biden wants to bring it back up to 28%. You're telling me that corporations would pass on the tax to consumers? Then corporations are A holes.

  16. Biden’s got to go he is nothing but a lying POS 🤨

  17. is any body surprised by this? it's all part of the plan to bring down America.

  18. Its allways what Happens Because if you tax the rich they raise prices for the common man! So simple!

  19. January 6 where's the news

  20. Please please please god take Biden home he is no longer wanted here!!!

  21. Why is the Democrats raising taxes news? The fraud Biden couldn't wait to stick his creepy hand in your wallet.

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