Midterm primary results

In the highest-profile primary so far this year, mixed results are coming in for candidates backed by former President Trump. ABC’s Em Nguyen has more.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. In-person, valid photo identification oh, and you must be a taxpaying American citizen… 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. that is it , the end. That's the only way to vote in an election. This mail-in ballot BS is ridiculous the easiest way to Tamper and manipulate an election… How do you think Trump lost? Anybody with common sense knows good and well not that many people voted for biden, a man that can't even hold a sentence together, and to give the most powerful position in government to run our country to a man like him, he'll run it alright…. in the ground that is.

  2. All these damn democrats crying in the comments 😂

  3. Yeah, you all real don’t need another republican medical Dr as a politician. Rand Paul is a narcissist, lying, manipulative, know it all, hypocrite who has pretty accomplished a whole lot of nothing while in office. Then there’s the Brian surgeon Ben Carson who pretty much got paid to do absolutely nothing as Sect. of HUD but lavishly decorate his office at the tax payers expense.

  4. Ask specifically what and reveal the ignorance

  5. Republican Party is greatest threat to humanity QAnon Seditionist on 👃❄️🍭 Moscow Mitch Enabaler. ). V. T. O.

  6. Since Trump is claiming Oz should announce he won even through all of the votes haven't been counted and then said that there must be some fraud going on. Wouldn't that mean that the guy that was put through for the Republican side for governor that Trump endorsed mean he didn't actually win? After all it was the same ballots. Like Tucker says "Just asking the question" VOTE BLUE!!!!

  7. oz doe not even live in pa. how can he even be allowed to run for office in that state. this is just stupid that a candidate does not even live in the state. he cares zero for any voter in the state, heck he does not even know the state and the people and the wants and needs of the people. that in a nut shell is why you dont vote for any republican gang member, they done care at all about the people. you get zero representation from any republican liar and thief, what you get is squat. you will get your rights taken away, abortion, social security, medicare, de segregation and voting rights, just to name a few. people, wise up and vote for every democrat and independent, i say this as a republican that will not vote for a republican anymore, a gang of muppets and morons who have zero integrity or caring for any of we the 99 percent of u.s. citizens. vote the gop the way of the dodo, that is all they have earned.

  8. Remember when Lt. Governor Fetterman chased down an innocent black man with a shotgun after he heard gun shots just because he was black and in the area in 2013? Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

  9. Everybody better get ready for the Red MAGA tsunami the Marxist Socialist Communist Democrats will lose the house and the Senate

  10. John Fetterman for U.S. Senate 🇺🇲

    Take down the big corporations and the 1% who have been robbing hardworking Americans for far too long!!

  11. The lizard of Oz, please – he does not look like a lizard? Bring the trash on, fetterman will defeat him easily. Pa does not believe the Dump's lies, or lyin' Ted and the Dall-ass cowgirls. The Alamo was a street fight compared to Gettysburg Texas bastards who steal our votes will not sub in Pa.

  12. # 05/18 /22: "Climate Change Indicators" ALL set "Record Highs" in 2021, UNITED NATIONS said. WARNING; the "Global Energy System" was "Driving Humanity" towards CATASTROPHE! Calling for "Urgent Transition" to "Renewable Energy." The "World’s Oceans" have WARMED "Markedly Faster" in 20 Years, "Hitting NEW High in 2021. That CHANGE would "LIKELY" take "CENTURIES or MILLENNIA to REVERSE?" I thought "WE ONLY had 8 YEARS?" oops! ALJAZEERA

  13. OMG!!!! Dr. Oz….. ANOTHER ConMan, no wonder DJT has endorsed him. PLEASE VOTE BLUE In PA!.

  14. VOTE FETTERMAN! Please end the madness and VOTE BLUE!!

  15. Lots of people have atrial fibrillation. The pacemaker/ defibrillator will ensure he will live a long long long time. In fact they would have to turn it off for him to actually ‘die.’ So vote for him! Vote Fetterman!!

  16. The Pennsylvania Senate primary is a corrupt race. There will be no fair exercise of the vote.

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@GOP's

  18. RIP DEMOCRATS !!!!!!!

  19. Dr Oz won. Stop the talking. Wasted time.

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  22. Nothing is too low for Republicans.