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Migrant crisis at Texas border l On Location

A new crisis is unfolding at the U.S. border after officials say around 10,000 migrants seeking asylum arrived and are now huddling under a bridge in Texas.

Plus, an FDA panel will decide Friday whether to recommend booster shots for Americans fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. 1:06 …and there's ten of thousands on the way…..La verdad son muchos más los que van a llegar a su frontera, así que se van a tener que acostumbrar.

  2. Send them to California and let that newscum pay these migrants using the celibrity taxes collected by AOC from the rich… They sure effed up

  3. This is what we all knew would happen if this corrupt administration got into office. The Biden administration is a disgrace.How Sad the situation we are finding ourselves in these days… The far liberal left have done everything in their power to elect this incompetent president and administration. The Biden administration has ruined our economy, our prestige around the world, and public faith in this administration.We have an open border policy at our southern border with Mexico, with thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border without detection, or without recourse. The Liberal leftist administration has refused to go to the border to witness the major crisis that has been taken place, since Biden was elected president. Kamala Harris did not wish to go, neither the president himself was interested in solving the problem. We have watched as BLM rioted in the streets, burning, and looting, and vandalizing public property. We have seen our historic monuments taken down by mobs of rioters, with our police force asked to stand down and not arrest the criminals. We have watched as top BLM founders, using donations to build mansions for themselves, with the money, supposedly for the advancement of the African American community. The American people have been sold a bill of goods, with the election of this inept, corrupt administration, and their socialist supporters. The President's son has been accused of corruption involving himself and his brother, regarding foreign countries. This administration is seemingly being bought at a price by foreign powers, at the stake of the American people. They have used the Covid pandemic, as a power tool, to control the public.We as a country, have watched our rights slowly being taken away from us, a little at a time. We are told when and where, and if we can assemble together with our friends and family.We are also told if we can or cannot travel, or attend places of worship. This administration has been a disgrace, and has been used to indoctrinate our children by woke liberal socialist teachers in our schools without the approval or participation of parents. This administration has proben to be a total disaster for our country and the free world…..

  4. WOW, look at all that new Covid-19 coming into America… And it is all coming to a city near you, and no mandates for them; Thank you, Joe & Nancy!

  5. What is the biggest national security threat to the United States of America and the American people? Mr. Joe Biden.

  6. To all my fellow Americans who legally voted for Biden. It is because of YOU that the election was within reach to be stolen. It is because of YOU that this crisis is happening on our southern border. It is because of YOU that the crime rates have reached record numbers. It is because of YOU that we are now a laughing stock around the world. YOU have permanently changed the culture, ideals and future of this country. In a few generations, this country will be unrecognizable. Hope you're proud of yourself.

  7. oh they also banning the drones. words coming from Biden's administration.

  8. Americans why complain? This is exactly what you want! No walls! Remember?

  9. Biden's admin doesn't care if those people have covid or some are criminals, they are future Democrat voters. Biden/Pelosi's team know they've lost American votes.

  10. If a constitutional amendment was passed that these people would never be eligible to vote in the US or had to vote Republican you watch! how fast! the organized crime syndicate aka the democrat party would kick these people out of the country 🧐

  11. Read your comments..we don't like main stream lying media.

  12. How did they all get there, Send them back

  13. All of the shitty MSM finally covering the Biden created disaster at the border

  14. Democrats will blame Trump for this disaster.

  15. All these distractions. Stay focused

  16. It is too late for ABC to make out they are shocked by this
    They have deliberately not reported on this crisis for months and protected Biden
    ABC are lowlife scum like Biden

  17. America conquered without firing a shot…

  18. Get them guns, American Flags, and a translation book highlighting "back currency 100 percent with gold", "seize the federal reserve", "declare war on the imf", "end taxation" everything should work out fine.

  19. Legal citizens should get free healthcare instead of sending in migrants to raise the already high blue shield costs!

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