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Mike Huckabee: Why the US economy needs tax cuts

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explains why tax cuts are a boon to the U.S. economy.

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  1. The reason why conservative wants taxcuts is because of their rich donors. Otherwise they won't get any money from them.

  2. When the federal government cuts taxes, states, municipalities and business see it as an opportunity for a money grab and raise their taxes and prices. Any benefit to the consumer is short lived at best.

  3. Smaller Government,less taxes.its the way it was meant to be.

  4. CHANGE MY MIND: Higher deficit spending is much worse than higher taxes.

  5. Dividend tax rate will be lowered for the economy.

  6. Frankly the american tax payer ⁰
    is taxed too much. Every time i turn around the feds are giving away our money to countries that hate us and to phony non profits. This is why Americans hate the feds so much

  7. LMFAO….before doing a tax cut you should fix your government spending.

  8. trump is "making MEXICO great again" MEXICO will only take the women this time?

  9. Need tax cuts to starve out useless and destructive government programs and policies. If they start to die and there isn't enough fight to keep them, let them die.

  10. The US economy needs massive tax cuts and a huge reduction in the size of government. They waste money by the trillions. that mans they have too much and taxes are too high.

  11. This is what happens when we cut taxes for the rich and corporations u get a sugar high and a bad collapse it happens everytime

  12. If this is the best economy ever why do we need more tax cuts for the rich i thought the 2017 tax cuts worked now we need 0 percent rates what a joke

  13. Trump’s tendency to double down on bad ideas doesn’t bode well for the economy; To wit: Tax cuts will pay for themselves, without injury to deficits. China will pay all the tariffs, without harm to U.S. importers, manufacturers, retailers, farmers. Mexico will pay for the wall, without costs to U.S. taxpayers or international relations.  Free lunches, all around.  Then when it becomes clear those lunches weren’t free — in fact, they were quite pricey — the pitch changes. Okay, Trump and his cronies admit, maybe we’re suffering some pain now. But that pain will be worth it, because eventually it will pay off.  Someday the tax cuts will pay for themselves. Someday the trade war will pay off. Someday Mexico will pay for the wall.  Trump 2020 four more years of Bad Ideas.

  14. All optics, don’t trust the MSM trust POTUS

  15. Huckabee your a Tratior! You have sold yourself to Israel. Your a fake Christain look around and see the suffering the ones who you are teamed up with is behind all this suffering. 109 countries have kicked these people out and you get in bed with them.

  16. "If the DOW drops 1000 points in two days the President should be impeached immediately." – Donald Trump, 2012

  17. Faux Fox, of course Trump wants tax cuts.

  18. You don't have to go to college to realize tax cuts are good for the economy

  19. The Politicians have stolen money from the hard working tax payers to fill their own pockets to became Millionaires. Working American Tax payers are slaves to the U.S. Government. It's not the Governments money.

  20. M.A.S.H. episode where Hawkeye is under house arrest, turns it around and Burns gets burned for saying: "I'm free to come and go as I please. I can step in. I can step out. In. Out. In. Out." Don Trump is free, too!

  21. Because of the growing budget deficit?

  22. They're not getting any work done as it stands, so the feds don't need to cut anything. Just give taxpayers a bonus on their tax returns, if they deserve recognition.

  23. need tax cut for the people ,and pay cut for the government

  24. Tax cuts saves a lot of money both to USA Nation and Real American People. The deficite must be removed and with tax cuts this deficite upon USA goes away. So ✂⚔🔫🛠⚒⛏ cut the immorals and fraud ¶ {} holders.

  25. President Trump has always has been and still is for tax cuts, he is the one that initiated the tax cuts in the beginning! So I don't know why this announcer said the president didn't want tax cuts? 😦

  26. Watch Dow Jones -500 points today could change by 4 pm

  27. The US economy needs massive spending cuts. The Trump administration has added an additional 4.1 trillion dollars in the debt. At some point Congress and the President are gonna have to sit down and discuss spending cuts, and that's between cutting defense, cutting social security or cutting subsidies to public (welfare, unemployment, public land users). And I advocate for cuts to all three.

  28. Watch Bernie talk on Joe Rogan

  29. Fox is as dirty as CNN CBS and MSNBC time for real news online! (With no Agenda)Fire Juan Williams ! I use only wiki leek and deep web news!

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