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Mike Pence Touts Cease-Fire Plan To Save Kurds From Turkish Assault | NBC News

After meeting President Erdogan in Ankara, the U.S. Vice President Mike Pence proudly announced a freeze of Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria.
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Mike Pence Touts Cease-Fire Plan To Save Kurds From Turkish Assault | NBC News


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  1. On one famous occasion recorded in the chronicles, he invited all the elderly, the poor, and the sick of his realm to gather in a splendid wooden banquet hall, where he plied them (a bit suspiciously) with roast meats and fine wine. As the grateful peasants were digesting their repast, Vlad’s soldiers sealed the doors and windows and set the building on fire, incinerating all inside. “I did this so that no one will be poor in my realm,” explained Vlad, an early pioneer of compassionate conservatism.

  2. He is getting in practice to be President. Lookout Bonespur


  4. Remember, Pence gets his marching orders directly from Jesus – he literally believes that he represents Jesus on Earth. These guys want a war in the Middle East that leads to the End Times described in Revelations because they believe that this will end with Jesus returning to Earth. They're actually trying to jump-start Armageddon and it doesn't get any crazier than that – we don't want Pence in charge of the nukes, either.

  5. strong leadership of donald trump?! bahahahahaha

  6. TRUMP 2020 ! MAGA! bring our troops back ! Build that wall ! Get rid of Obamacare ! Keep out illegals !

  7. I look to this Man for Presidential Leadership at this time, even though My Political ideology is quite different than His. He may well be already functioning as President
    As Trump must be quite distracted with all of the scandal and the trying to fend off all of the numerous repercussions from the scandal that may soon befall Him. The Nation longs for a Stable Leader, even if it's someone I wouldn't vote
    for, I just want to feel that someone is firmly in charge of the Ship, and not drunk at the Helm. Get the Country out of the gutter first, then resume the partisan arguments.

  8. There are different ways to exit a building. You can jump out the 40th floor window, or walk out the front door. With NO WARNING, and AGAINST the advice of VIRTUALLY EVERYONE, Trump left our allied fighters and CIVILIANS to be slaughtered and driven from their homes. He put ISIS terrorists in the wind. He pulled troops out so fast they had to BLOW UP THEIR OWN BASES.

  9. Can California please secede from the union in order to give ourselves to Canada?

  10. Dude, this so-called buffer zone is what Erdogan wanted all along. You've just given them all kinds of access…. have in reality moved their border. You've done exactly what Putin wanted.

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