Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Mike Pompeo Accuses Democrats Of Bullying In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo is now caught up in the impeachment firestorm with new revelations he was on that July 25th phone call where President Trump asked Ukranian President Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden and his son.
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Mike Pompeo Accuses Democrats Of Bullying In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News


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  2. Thank you Mr. President for your excellent job performance . I vote for you on 2016 and I will on 2020 . LATINOS for TRUMP .

  3. Someone have him recall his time questioning HC for 11 hrs.

  4. Democrats are terrorist. Plan and simple.

  5. As I just read another guys comment the reason they haven't taken impeachment vote because they're not going to impeach Trump because that will send it to the Senate then the Senate will be able to use their powers to really investigate all this Democrat corruption since 2015 before the election.

  6. Pompeo thinks the Sec of State being hauled in front of congress to answer questions is bullying tactics. But he was there asking Hillary questions when she testified in front of Republicans for 11 hours. Guess Hillary had more balls than Pompeo does.

    The hypocrisy knows no bounds with this bunch. Don't even get me started on Lindsey Graham…

  7. Fake news,what he wanted was to make sure those State officials get the proper legal counsel before they testify or give a statements. Fake news! They always taking everything out of context. Never tell the full story. Democrats were trying to hurry them up and disregarding the state officials constitutional rights. Fake news!

  8. Stop adding your own spin NBC. Just report the facts it’s NOT THAT HARD. You dishonest, corrupt stooges

  9. Fake news media…TRUMP 2020

  10. bunch of lying thumb sucking babies…

  11. As an Independent this makes absolutely no sense to me why would a President be calling on foreign powers to begin with nobody does nothing for free so you only compromising your own country 🤷🏾‍♀️I do believe the Republicans are in a tad much of a mess🤔and just like illegal immigration(which is wrong on so many levels)it’s appears it’s their Guy (President Trump)who has them there🤔for all his rhetoric how in the world did he allow a million illegals within a fiscal year into this country UNDER HIS WATCH🤔How🤷🏾‍♀️Why🤷🏾‍♀️I just don’t get it doesn’t make no type of sense. IJS

  12. The democrats figure it they get trump out. they'll stop investigating them and find out Schiff was the one trying to overthrow trump

  13. Democrats and others like them will never be confused with a human being.

  14. Corrupt democrats know that can’t win the election and created all these BS impeachment with the help of disgusting corrupt media.

  15. Awww, a bully doesn't like being bullied…Womp womp!

  16. Guess we dont need to know about what Democrats did someone needs to ask.

  17. Hilarious, its like saying "i bullied them but they bullied me and now im sad"

  18. I want to know when the media center s going to stop pushing conspiracy theories a b out Trump and anything. What's the impeachment fruit, why has Nancy pelosi not taking a vote? That's right she doesn't want to give the Republican subpoena powers.

  19. Can someone explain to me how subpoenas can be issued for an inquiry that hasn't even been voted on?

  20. House won't even vote on impeachment inquiry. How can there be one without a vote?

  21. NBC instead of putting your spin on things why don’t you just play the actual full statements from the accused.

  22. Admin is a bully. But they think they should get away with things they would hang others for. Hypocrites n liars should be name of their party.

  23. Pompeo says, "no bullying,". That's all he's got as a rebuttal to all this.

  24. Either let us destroy you, or we will get you for obstructing us from destroying you. -Commiecrats


  26. Democrats are scum and liberalism is a mental disorder..

  27. Unqualified, incompetent and corrupt now facing Consequences and you can’t handle it

  28. This comments section is crazy! We have bots and troll accounts arguing with more bots and troll accounts.

    The funniest part is when the occasional human tries to engage and gets flabbergasted by the non sequiturs, programmed vitriol, what-about-isms, and Gish-gallop that spews from all of these accounts.

    I'm not sure if I'm amused, or concerned…

  29. Democrat party has a long history accuse Innocent of crimes as expect Innocent to fight way out of charges as means of appoint itself as Innocent supreme Leader

    For Democra party members hand results in each member personal as business life open book. We will see just who is hiding what as in why.

  30. Hmmm… "Bullying" – good word. Your boss knows many words, self-proclaimed without evidence of course. When it comes to bullying, mango-top puts the word into action every day, just ask Melanie (he said it, not me).


  32. The threats to the far leftists, are of course :exhibit A, B, C, and lets not forget D. WOW. Sure sounds like a hit list they're cooking up

  33. DemonRats are losers, all this fake news is going to insure Trump 2020!

  34. A witch hunt just because you don't like Trump !

  35. Get Steven Miller out too! Get him OUT!!!

  36. Eric Holder who was held in contempt of congress for the FAST AND FURIOUS SCANDAL THAT COST BRIAN TERRY BOARDER AGENT HIS LIFE!

  37. Because the Democrats hate the president more than they love the country and they rather destroy the country then get something done for US!

  38. Trump 2020🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  39. Wow look at all those reporters violating “climate change “ by flying after Pompeo. Didn’t you media ppl just tell us flying is bad?

  40. Duh?
    It's a coup and no laws or politics will fix this.

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