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Mike Rowe on how millennials can be successful without college

Mike Rowe, former host of ‘Dirty Jobs’, on why millennials don’t have to go to college to be successful.


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  1. The goal of college is to make money education is not even part of the equation

  2. The average age of a welder today in the us is 56 years old..we need welders

  3. Liberal Arts Schools…
    Daycare for teenagers.

  4. Yeah, Mike said he wasn't needed at interview. She took over…

  5. You can still work in white collar jobs without going to college. It's actually preferable with many of these new tech jobs that aren't taught in college.

  6. This may have been published 2 years ago, it is so appropriate at this time, because Trump has been talking quite a bit about how millennials pay what $500,000 for a 4 year college strapping them into debt for a lifetime, taking classes and choosing majors that employers just aren't looking for, and finding out that jobs just aren't waiting for them and they will likely end up working at a fast food restaurants and living at home with their parents, which is hardly the dream they had in mind when they invested so much money.
    And, confidentially, they would be far better off never having gone to a 4 year college or university because they won't be exposed to the fascist, marxist professors who have infiltrated American Schools and will come out feeling less suppressed and far happier.

  7. WTF is wrong with your arms?

    P.S. Only here to see Mike…

  8. Some of these vocational schools are just as expensive and I feel they just care about money,then its students

  9. And funneling more kids to liberal colleges indoctrinates them to socialism.

  10. When did Kennedy suddenly become hot? Dang girl!

  11. I have high school diploma. Make over 100 thousand a year . Not too bad

  12. anyone work in the trades plz help me out! im 17. i suck at the studies. in a situation pressured going to college email me tphan5901@gmail

  13. “Millennials feel entitled to college but college isn’t necessarily good because it will result in debt” exactly why people want college to be free to all. Those who want a college education and or are qualified can get it without going into debt or choosing a job not right for them. Also it would be easier for people not right for college to transition to another path without accruing debt.
    Also many professions that benefit society require higher education. We want the best people doing those jobs and they shouldn’t have to go into debt to obtain the necessary skills.

    Their arguments make zero sense.

  14. Now day's..we have some lazy millennials…they want everything right in they hands.. without moving a finger…..✌🏻✌🏻

  15. Well. If flipping burgers is an art a college degree in arts is good. A bit expensive maybe but good….. 😉

  16. Wow Kennedy, let him talk, he’s an expert on this subject, so just sit back & enjoy the ride…..we are watching this because of him not you……..

  17. Spare me the life advise. Worry about your own problems.

  18. Mike Rowe for….President / Vice President / Congressman / Senator / Governor , ……of all Ameica !!!!! One man , one purpose ! (PROGRESS ! )

  19. Easy, learn a trade you enjoy, and you'll never have to hate your job. Military didn't suit me when I graduated, neither did college, so I learned to weld, drive forktruck, and run electrical wiring, and carpentry. I guess it's not really one skill, I was good with my hands and my mind was sharp and acute at problem solving, I just wasn't good at sitting in a classroom, parroting back what I heard.
    I don't always agree with Mike Rowe, but I believe in this educational training for skilled craftsmen. It doesn't start as either, but once you learn and apply yourself, they do tend to evolve from your entry level talent. If you build it, they will come

    AINT NO PAY !!!

  21. Kennedy, stfu and let him talk!

  22. I'm an office worker. I recently tried to replace my cars rear Prakepads. After a full day trying and ultimately destroying the auto handbrake resulting in replacing a break calliper, I realised that this highly over-engineered vehicle requires a computer just to service the brakes. Before you next look down your nose at a grease monkey, you better realise they probably use a computer as much as you do and know how to charge to make you regret it!!!

  23. Oh she's annoying! Whiny, nasally voice. And how about letting your guest speak?

  24. One of the reasons that, these manufacturing jobs, "disappeared" isn't goverment regulation, it's reflection on technology making a lot these jobs obsolete. Either adapt or die.

  25. Let the dumb asses feel entitled to college, They can be swimming in debt and unemployed at 20, I will be over here graduate high school with welding certifications from the career center I am at, And I will walk straight into my career debt free, Oh and don't forget it is very easy to graduate from a trade school and get straight onto a job site, College however, There is no guarantee that the degree you strive for and get will be worth the paper it's printed on Cough cough Gender studies.

  26. yeah… yeah… yeah… yeah… yeah!!! yeah… yeah… yeah…

  27. A great skill is elevator mechanic all buildings have elevators except the really old ones but all buildings now have elevators and got a job built in even if the elevator isn't broke it has to be monitored and checked for safety it's called routine maintenance

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