Military helicopter with 5 Marines on board goes missing

The CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter was en route from Nevada to California when it was “reported overdue” to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar late Tuesday night.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This just goes to show that they really can't track a helo like in the movies

  2. 5 marines 2 navy seals… USA dropping like flies!!! #FREEPALSETINE

  3. Our president doesn't care.

  4. They must’ve knew too much.

  5. Perhaps the military should stop with DEI recruitment standards?

  6. Heli is worse than. 737max😢

  7. Please our Lord save your children.

  8. ❤😂😂🎉😢😢😮😅

  9. I heard them fly over my house Tuesday afternoon around 12 in the afternoon I ran out side and video taped them there was like 7 of them headed south west

  10. What do we know about our service men¿

  11. Shot down by the Houthis ?

  12. Perhaps they defected because of the current president and government or invasion taking place at the borders of the US. I joke, but hope everyone is safe and in good spirits.

  13. Again???? Lots of mishaps in our military.

  14. My God please save them i pray 😢

  15. Terrible flying conditions, leadership is lacking, Washington DC gone woke,we broke.

  16. Maybe drunk was pilot ??😮

  17. Of course it's a marine helicopter that got lost god bless our service men

  18. They should have not signed off the flight of that helicopter.

  19. Pathetic. The US Military asked for help to locate their Downed chopper or Stolen chopper? Pretty close to a border and the Cartels would Love that. This is a strange story. A different channel said the chopper was found, but not the Marines. 🤔 Hopefully all's well, but, considering the State of America.

  20. I don’t get what’s wrong with people’s decisions the weather is super bad from Nevada to California the past few days they’ve been going through a storm so why would anyone allow them to fly a helicopter through that weather makes no sense .. I hope they’re safe where they jumped out in time .

  21. So, did the helicopter crash or what? They really didn't say did they?

  22. Semper Fi!! Devils!! Do we know which variant it was they were flying?

  23. LOL LOL LOL 🤣 US is missing its own airplanes and helicopters inside its own country. LOL what a shame for a country which calls itself the empire. LOL

  24. Praying for their safety, as well as the crew and for all those searching for them…🙏🏼❤

  25. It's starting to become obvious that the Government just doesn't care about our Soldiers. There have been WAAAAY TOO MANY training "accidents". in recent years. It seems like we lose more soldiers in "training accidents". Than we do fighting wars. Doesn't the military believe in SAFETY FIRST?

  26. I fly everyday. When I launch my drone within minutes I usually have a military chopper very near. Tracking at any elevation is flawless. I can even crash and find my drone within 30 minutes. Sounds like a load of…

  27. Conspiracy theories are hilarious on here lol

  28. Omfg,how can you lose a helicopter with a GPS interface system, in United States air space?


    *Insert Rip 🍺SIr Sean Connery Hunt for red October scene *

    "You've lost another submarine"


  29. Maybe it was the don’t ask don’t tell part of the military

  30. Sounds like a cover up too me, lost a fighter jet not long ago, now a chopper filled with Marines on U.S. soil. Seems fishy

  31. Stealth technology is getting too good

  32. .#zZz#.⚡⬇️⬆️💀☢☣…💀💀💀💀💀💀⚡🔥😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂⚫⚫⚫⚫💀💀💀⚡⚡⚡

  33. Must be some kind of propaganda news

  34. Call America’s in big trouble if we can’t play an helicopter from Las Vegas to San Diego how we gonna fight Russia

  35. This is what happens when you try to train women to be pilots up a helicopter

  36. Prayers for the Crew Hopefully these Marines are safe.

  37. why do the marines keep fucking up ……. they always crash their vehicles

  38. They didn't actually "disappear". This is just a cover story for men who need to become GHOSTS. yes, just like some sort of movie. They have to disappear or "die" first, but you know These people are actually part of some elite squad now …. a squad of ghosts.

  39. Every military plane has the "Proverbial" black box, what do you mean they can't find them …🧐

  40. How do you lose a military helicopter?

  41. It would be cool if Google Maps and Star Link teamed up to do Live cam Satellite coverage, and allow access to the public during times like this. I think we'd find them if we had millions of people looking on Google Earth with Live Feed (if it wouldn't glitch)

  42. f35 is stealth ok im sure thats hard to find but if this isnt showing up its not in the air anymore

  43. Again how is this even possible……SMFH

  44. Flying in dangerous weather. Was there a need to put the Marines in the air in such harsh conditions?

  45. Come on Marine Aviation. Get it together.

  46. What's with All these military aircraft crashes recently since the start if Ukraine war?

  47. This is simply not possible with today’s technology.

  48. Why can’t we give our marines new equipments and better tools