Military investigating how located F-35 fighter jet went missing

The debris of a missing F-35 fighter jet was discovered in rural South Carolina after its pilot and passenger ejected and it kept flying on autopilot until eventually crashing. NBC News’ Courtney Kube and Noah Pransky report on questions facing the military following the disappearance and why it was difficult to locate the F-35.

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  1. It could be the ufo that Trudeau and Biden report few months ago that stolen the airplane 😂

  2. Imagine having a fighter that has crashed 5 times in the last year and a half and 11 overall at 80-100 mil each costing over a billion dollars in losses from crashes alone, and they keep telling you how good it is, but it has never been deployed in combat. 🤷😂

  3. Makes sense… the transponderer failed… happens all the time. Sadly the plane was not worth enough to have a back up system like they do with most other functions on a plane that expensive. Great interview…. as usual a lot of nothing said!!!

  4. This is fun!!!! Check out the debris field. Just like that time the airliner hit the pentagon and all the parts just vanished!!! I guess the docile Americans bought it then so they will likely buy it again!!! Hilarious!!!… I would be watching mr. bidens shell companies for some recent huge deposits fresh in from china!!! Wasn't Hilarious, if she got in, going to fake losing a war with china so they could erase the pesky constitution and get on with their "one world government"????

  5. Hunter stole and crashed it. This is all a coverup.

  6. I don’t believe this story for a second without live coverage from the crash site.

  7. China hijacked the plane's electronics. Or aliens did. 😊

  8. Nobody is showing the debris field, probably because there's no debris there, just like the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 🤔

  9. the semi conductor companies keep pushing various silicon solutions to electromechanical problems. Code on top of code on top of hair sensitive FET switches. If you work on electronics of a high complexity, you will understand that its a miracle this does not happen every week. It has some nice features, but they don't need to be implemented in this way. The companies give you 1 thing and force 10, claiming its not compatible, old, etc.. brain washed and lied to about how a system will function better when its everything.

  10. so the stealth plane crashed in a stealth location because it's transponder was left on stealth mode, so the government 'stealthely' asked the public for their help to recover the missing stealth aircraft for the preservation of our country's stealth security.

  11. how does stealth evade active satelite imagery? dont us military have that capapbility? how effective would stealth be if its on the ground and couldnt be detected by air search radar anways.

  12. Don't understand why pilot ejected when plane on autopilot and apparently flew another 80 miles..Maybe pilot had to go to bathroom

  13. Lies lies and more lies. I wonder who lies more NBC or our government.

  14. The F-35 crashed in a field behind a home at Foggy Bottom Plantation, 783 Old Georgetown Road, Hemmingway, SC.

  15. This sounds like propaganda…?

  16. Tell me how the local residents hear the plane flying low when it was on autopilot . Okay if it’s on autopilot then it must of ran out of fuel but yet people says the herd it flying low.

    The crash scene offers no visible pieces of the aircraft..none.

    Something is very wrong .

  17. That’s not even an image of an F35 on his presentation. 3:37

  18. Losing 100 million dollars is not a mishap.

  19. Didn’t even have a $35 Apple Air Tag. Guess that’s more advanced tech than one hundred million dollars can buy

  20. I suggest they buy some air tags.

  21. Three jets crashed? Pilots killed? It sounds like sabotage.

  22. "Mishap." Wing man leaves the jet? SOMETHING STINKS.

  23. 4:04 Wrong again! F-35 cost listed as $80 Million. That is for an F-35 A, the missing plane was a much more expensive F-35 B, which has vertical take-off and landing (depending on load-out) which cost more like $120 Million. But why would the NEWS do any actual research to provide correct information. Not these days. I’m unimpressed.

  24. 3:28 F-35 Fighter Jet Specs — over a picture of an F/A 18 … Good job guys! Thorough research. "This is not the plane you are looking for."

  25. Tuberville should be held responsible for this since he is holding up military nominations.

  26. Several F35s dropped. Is it reliable?

  27. What's the use of expensive advanced AI, radar, communication tower if it can't detect it's own aircraft??

  28. Jul 12, 2014 · The defendant, Su Bin, and two unindicted Chinese coconspirators allegedly stole information about Lockheed’s F-22 and F-35 fighter jets
    …Biden's Chinese Spy Balloon flew right over the F35's base in SC, too…and it did so un-harassed! HA!!!

  29. Bullshiz
    It’s in Cuba.
    With Joe’s bag of cocain!!!!

  30. There goes those reparations for the descendants of the slaves in S.C. it's buried in S.C. soil

  31. FAKE!!! The aircraft is perfectly well and is now in Belarus north of Ukraine.

  32. I’m just waiting for Putin to throw a pie at Biden’s face. The whole word is laughing and it’s at us.

  33. Maybe Joe and Hunter sold it to the Chinese government for more crack money,and his family business gets paid again

  34. The main question is, why did the pilot have to eject out of a plane that flew for another 80 mi?