Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Millennials can now major in 'social media influencing' at this college

Carley Shimkus from FOX News Headlines 24/7 discusses a new college course that could teach you how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars through ‘social media influencing.’

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  1. The grading scale is based on snowflakes. ❄❄❄❄

  2. Socialmedia can use anything that has flesh and turn's it into a billion dollar product. Full business and full money🤑

  3. that online college course is probably ran by brenies wife it and will be bankrupt in a year after she get another 4million dollar pay out

  4. Majoring in propaganda! Had to come sooner and later, since the job market is expanding.

  5. This is disgusting! China"s social credit agenda. We're doomed.

  6. Social Media Influencing is just another name for subversion and social engineering. It is okay for a content creator to give a transparent endorsement. But to pose as a real person giving an honest opinion while you're secretly a paid, professional non-celebrity actor or affiliate marketer is FRAUD. They're corporate shills and this isn't right and it should be illegal. And YT and Instagram at least are full of accounts I suspect are professional fraud marketers pretending they're just normal people like the rest of us. It's bad enough when they do this as fraudulent advertising for commercial products and services. But imagine the havoc this corruption could wreck socially and politically, manufacturing artificial peer pressure and intimidation, bullying people into thinking they have narrower options than they really do. Do we not already suspect there are many paid, professional activists who are mercenaries whose political and social opinions go to the highest bidder? Imagine the evil this artificial influence could sew in our Democratic-Republic! This has the potential to be Goebbels-level social engineering. Instead of just saying "everybody's doing it" now they hire social media influencers to pretend they're real people "doing it." Let marketers and advertisers transparently and honestly promote and persuade. But this corrupt, fraudulent, secret-influencer marketing is wrong. The People should decide the zeitgeist and trends of the epoch, not an elite minority using wealth to hire shills. This is Soviet-level subversion. It's a propaganda campaign.

  7. It's like a degree in backstabbing.

  8. Proud to be a Google's slave! My favorite master!

  9. Let’s build one university program in Silicon Valley

  10. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. When they have mountains of debt and cannot get a job they will demand socialism to subsidize their life choices self perpetuating cycle of losers.

  11. In Italy????
    Sponsored by the Church???? Or maybe Satin…

  12. Training them to be good propagandist.

  13. What a wierd world we have made

  14. Haha Haha Haha.
    Just another lefty idea that WILL give propaganda and will NOT Give anything good *(to learn) from USA college anymore.

  15. Then they graduate and sit in their mommy's basement whining about minimum wage, inability to find a job, and how they can't afford to pay their student loans.

  16. Another college scam brought to you by government backed student loans and inflated tuition.

  17. I failed my gender studies class, because I didn't know women have penises also.🤔

  18. Is it at Tяump University?

  19. Now that's dangerous to the country

  20. College is going to teach all of the millennials that are already influencing society because they refuse to attend college, how to influence society by attending college?

  21. So the vapid, narcissistic, morons can now take a class on being a vapid, narcissistic, moron. Wow they should call it clown school.

  22. Did anyone else think that sounded a little flirty at the end?

  23. This does it for me. Deleting my fcbk.

  24. The trolls are seeing $$$ now… but don't get your hopes up, you'd need to learn how to critically think first…

  25. Only $70,000 in tuition 🙂
    Come on, even a middle school teenager can do this "job".

  26. I can't believe anyone would want to be that guy. <_<

  27. This is more like psychological operations. It is a means of warfare. They are teaching you something that spies learn.

  28. If you cannot be smart enough to not be fooled by advertising , then you have a serious problem and might want to go back to elementary school !

  29. I think you mean the generation before millennials. Dumbasses

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