Thursday , September 16 2021
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Millions of kids head back to school amid COVID-19 fears

In New York City, kids went back to in-person class for the first time in 18 months amid pediatric COVID-19 surges. The FDA warned parents not to seek out vaccines for a child ahead of authorization.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Covid proving local Gov is the biggest fear factor.

  2. Are Afghan women and girls going back to school too? Some with hands cut off yesterday (6). I guess no one cares.

  3. Joke! They have more risk walking to school—or driving.

  4. They resigned because they know the dangers of the jab

  5. So how is this different than any other year, it happens every year, yet we somehow forgot, covid or no covid, stop testing for covid. They count everything as covid, runny nose, runny eyes, coughs, flu, etc all covid now.

  6. Home Schooling is the only safe choice today. Protect your kids.

  7. Just like the adults, obese ones are at risk the most..

  8. Preparing Mark of the Beast Rev 13:15-18 The Lord and False Prophet coming

    Can’t sell or buy unless you have his mark

  9. Why has the media been quite on the private schools that have been open since the last school year? They don’t want to show how nothing has happened, the teachers are fine and students are fine? This would cut right through their fear mongering Democratic narrative.

  10. Dr Robert Young Confirms Tracking Nanoparticles in Shots? | Stew Peters interviews Dr. Young |

  11. All from the Joseph Gerbils Ministry of Fear , Propaganda and Disinformation.

  12. Why does he sit weird? If I saw someone sitting like that in public, it'd make me really uncomfortable.

  13. #Covid_vaccine is a resistance of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like 'MURPHY', "against the virus not eliminated", currently the opportunity to the death of having vaccine injection is less due to it's ineffectiveness since vaccine maker has been modified it to be safe. covid vaccine has the structure of HIV virus same as covid virus, it will permanently stay at human body. Vaccine manufacturer can be sued now after FDA fully approve those vaccine?, this is great liberty status evo. A lot of people death or having long term adverse reaction in vaccination before, and the government still keep hiding the truth.✧✧✛

  14. Does anyone ask why we are having such another Covid outbreak. Could it be all the illegal immigrants that are being sent all over the country without a Covid test or Covid shot after being put in containers with zero distance between each person? This administration needs to go people stand up for your American rights are being taken over by the illegitimate government we have now


    US Covid deaths 680,274, China 4,636 and New Zealand 27.

    America is internationally ridiculed and laughed at because of anti-mask and anti-vax disinformation.

  16. Well everyone is concerned about schools and COVID but Biden is not concerned at all about the thousands of illegal immigrants he is letting into our country. He is not mandating that they get the vaccine…..WHY???????????????
    Are illegal immigrants immune to COVID, they can’t get it or pass it on. No of course not so why isn’t anyone asking why?

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  18. My Daughter is staying home…… I'm sooo happy. Drammmmmma Free and I sleep good at night with my personal decision.

  19. Gee who would have thought the news would focus on kids. Suddenly they are getting sicker more than ever before at the perfect time of year…..just like last year. Right media?

    Good grief how can people not see through this drivel?

  20. Stay away from MY kid mf'rs

  21. The kids will be fine as long as they don't have to wear the damn muzzles.

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