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Millions of people traveling for Thanksgiving despite official warnings

Sunday was the busiest travel day since the pandemic began, and more than 3 million people traveled through TSA checkpoints this weekend. The U.S. has 167,000 new COVID-19 cases a day.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Honestly, anyone who still believes this inhumane, evil, worldwide tyranny and is about a rogue virus from China needs their head examined. Most world governments and mainstream media are part of this lie to maintain the AGENDA….. Everyone please read….
    Most mainstream media and politicians are controlled and are part of the agenda. Let's stand up, fight back, and get our normal lives back. We have no choice.
    This is NOT about a virus (that we know is hogwash). This is about a totalitarian AGENDA.
    Why do people still believe this c-virus nonsense? They have been lead into a covid19-believing cult that has achieved it's goal through relentless, 24 hour scare-tactic news of a completely unfounded and unproven virus. An "alleged new" virus that nobody would even know about if they did not "hear about it on TV". This is NOT how humans are supposed to live. Just use basic logic and common sense. This is a well-orchestrated implausible virus scare (with a cleverly designed, fancy/scary name) that is part of a worldwide pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates (the biggest funder and controller of the WHO and CDC), other highly powerful/sinister-minded individuals, and media agenda to scare the entire world into believing the only solution is mandatory vaccinations. All the while, every ounce of a normal, healthy, free/free-moving democratic lifestyle is cruelly taken away from us all step-by-step. All under the disguise of protecting us from a non-existent virus..
    ….No medical or science degree is needed to know this. All that is needed is common sense, logic, critical thinking skills, and a little desire to seek truths and facts. Unfortunately, the virus believing cult has literally taken over the world, while those of us who can see the totalitarianism and evil happening plain as day right in front of the world's eyes are a small (but growing) minority. And our voices have been globally BANNED by all mainstream media (which that fact in itself should have the entire world angry and/or suspicious of what is going on.
    ……Almost EVERY "test" will be "positive" for common colds or normal flus because it is part of the planned totalitarianism agenda. A test that even the inventor has stated is in no way accurate in detecting a particular coronavirus. Nobody has died or is infected (cases) from any "new strand" coronavirus, and do not allow them to keep you muzzled (masks) like zombies and caged (locked up in your house) for their agenda. The daily, fake, scare-tactic hospital images and absurd words (outbreak, surge, spike, wave, superspreader, etc), reports, theories (e.g. asymptomatic), and death statistics of unknown/nameless people or people who were already dying from serious previous conditions are part of the cult brainwashing..
    ….Do not just blindly believe and comply to all of this nonsense. This lie has gone on too long and they won't even say when it will/might end. So the idiocy continues all over the world with no end in sight until enough of us say "enough"!!!
    *The goal is to create a false or unreal FEAR everywhere in the world. Constantly showing and seeing people in masks without ever saying when the nonsense will end creates constant fear. The daily non-factual news reports create more false and unreal FEAR. The constant fear leads people to accept anything that will alleviate the omnipresent fear. The (fake) vaccinations for the (fake) virus is the savior in the minds of people all over the world. And B. Gates and his WHO will go down as the saviors of the world. This guy, and others within the circle, have been pushing their vaccination ideas and population control for Africa and the world for years now. Now, they are going full scale to implement their plans. This quest for legacy and power needs to be stopped..

  3. Makes total sense. The Propaganda Ministry claimed Covid would end after the election, so …

  4. And yet they keep telling everyone to wear masks because “they work in preventing the spread” 😆😆😆😆😆 yet everyday the blind sheep follow.

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  6. I use hand sanitizer, wash hands and face with sanitizer, cannot wait for this mask BS to be over 4 ever. I have 2 brothers I want to connect with somehow, thank God for Zoom. I'm stasthing away for the next few months if it comes to that. My sister sa u s the death rate in TX is slow rise, so now its nowhere unless you really need to. I have a medical appt coming up in Dec, should I Zoom it.🙂

  7. America proving once again how stupid they can be

  8. If you truly love your family people without virus, eat alone for Thanksgiving.

  9. ABC, you guys need to work on your audio levels. Some videos will be high then these videos are much lower. This one was super low.

  10. "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" Thomas Jefferson

  11. ABC News, doom and gloom everyday. Fake news. Enjoy your Thanksgiving

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  13. If you insist on traveling, perhaps pray first… "O God, my God! I have set out from my home, holding fast unto the cord of Thy love, and I have committed myself wholly to Thy care and Thy protection." ~ Baha'i Faith

  14. I am going to revolt against the oppressive media and government. True Americans aren't going to continue to accept this.

    What's this, produced on 1995 ?? (Hope lucky with us always)……

  16. This Virus Is a joke, thats why everyone Is traveling, cause people realized how stupid politics are making It seem

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  18. This video was SUPER quite

  19. Because millions of people have Doctors that know the people in the news are not Doctors and you only yell virus 🦠 for a agenda you can’t be trusted for any real news at this point Russia Russia Racism Racism Impeachment Impeachment virus 🦠 you are pathetic

  20. All those idiots will die on coronavirus Good luck guy's.

  21. Nobody, but the people you pay, cares about the plandemic fake virus. We've been around different people day after day, in and out of hotels all year! ..And, not even a sneeze! Please, give it a rest.

  22. Humans only think about themselves i guess. I mean I knew we did just not THAT much 😣

  23. These people are what you call IDIOTS!!

  24. Most of the victims are old and/or fat. I will be ok

  25. That’s because people are calling bullshit on the elite agenda.

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  27. Testing alone will not guaranty you are not infected and spreading the virus. The virus must reach a certain level in your body before the test detects it. You might get a negative result, but still be infected and spreading the virus. The White House had conducted multiply daily testing, yet because of poor practices, it became a super spreader of the virus.
    The corona virus is spread by people contact, so wear a face mask, wash your hands, keep your social distance, get tested if you feel ill or have came in contact with person infected with virus. Avoid getting and spreading the virus by wearing a face mask and keeping social distance from other people not within your household and limit outside interaction with people outside your household. The virus must first enter the local community from someone infected from the outside. If it does enter into the local community, you must isolate for two weeks to keep the spread of the virus. Some communities have “Lock Down” to burnout the virus and keep it from spreading within the local community.

  28. Population control. Let God sort em out.

  29. They wouldn't be able to travel if travel had been shut down. Take a car if you're still willing to kill your most vunerable.

  30. I'm surprised Thanksgiving hasnt been canceled by sjw crying saying it's racist tbh

  31. I feel they want to blame us for Thanksgiving. And spikes. then them place us on a real lock down for Christmas.

  32. There was an old saying during the Black Plague; “People ate lunch with their friends and family and had dinner with their ancestors.” In today’s Covid 19 pandemic, the saying could be updated to; “People had celebrated Thanksgiving with their friends and family and had Christmas with their ancestors.”

  33. it's a dilemma, if you do not meet your family or loved ones during this thanksgiving, you will not spread covid to any of them directly but some may fear covid may spread in other ways anyway since the outbreak is so uncontrollable now and if they don't meet on this thanksgiving what if they will never see each other again…

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