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Milwaukee police responding to “critical incident” at MolsonCoors campus (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Milwaukee police are responding to what they are calling a “critical incident” on the MolsonCoors campus amid reports of a possible shooting.

MolsonCoors said there was an active shooter on its Milwaukee campus and ordered its employees to find a safe place to hide. MillerCoors changed its name to Molson Coors Beverage Co. in 2019.

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  1. Why is he smiling talking about hisself

  2. Sixty years, ago you could order an AR-15 through the mail out of a magazine, without an age or background check. And these events never happened. So what changed?

  3. Oh well we are all going to die from the Coronavirus anyway at least those who died in this horrible event died quickly.

  4. It's MILLER TIME……..


  5. They were mad at corona beer virus getting all the headlines so Coors went on a rampage

  6. That's a great solution to the problem…revenge killing…smh…are people stupid or what?! Just go home…calm the f*** down..have a few beers, sleep and wake up and sober up and think of a more rational solution…like…ummm…idk..perhaps look for a new job?

  7. Death by 2nd Amendment – Praise be!

  8. Let me guess….white shooter again we need to ban these people until we find out what the hell is going on

  9. This a lovely state where you can get fired for NO REASON NO EXPLAINATION.. I hope and pray I don't have to ever see anything like that..it could of been any of us.. my prayers for those poor ppl who witnessed and for families that lost loved ones..stop the violence and love one another♥️🙏

  10. How's that 2nd amendment working out for ya?

  11. Time to blame minorities again, huh?

  12. 🥋🐓📠 hallelujah……….. Ticketed COPS . police citation, which is commonly called a 'ticket' I am not there FREE CHEESE BURGERS ARCHER!

  13. They are trying to take are guns before they could pull the virus false Flags so when they call marshal law we want have anything to fight back with

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  15. The new job insurance policy, "Fire me and I will come back and fire you with a gun!!" I love this country.☺️

  16. They were probably drinking that damn beer again

  17. Another disgruntled caucasian

  18. Time to blame guns again, huh?

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