Thursday , June 4 2020
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Minister marries New York City couple from 4th-floor window | Humankind

On their way to the courthouse to get married, it closed. But within a couple of hours this bride was shouting “I do!” in the middle of an NYC sidewalk. 👰👰
Couple livestreams backyard wedding during pandemic:

The wedding Amanda Wheeler and Reilly Jennings had planned didn’t happen thanks to the pandemic. Instead, they had more than a wedding. They had magic.

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  1. i asked myself waht went wrong in there childhood or may be later….that …and if media tells us every day 100000000000000000000000000000000 times this is normal no it is NOT::::

  2. Congratulations 💘🐾🐶👫 u Guy's.

  3. مبارک ہو آپ کو اپ۔ا خیال رکھنا۔

  4. Congratulations….something beautiful in a time we need positivity !

  5. Because Jesus is coming soon to judge people like this, such a shame.

  6. Why? More people are gay today

  7. Я рад за вас. Будьте счастливы

  8. Very nice i like video you so much

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