Minnesota Mother Arrested After 6-Year-Old's Body Found In Car Trunk

The child’s body was found after police noticed blood inside a 28-year-old woman’s car during a traffic stop. KARE’s Charmaine Nero reports.

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  1. Isn't it strange how a 7 year old gets his head blown off while riding a bike a couple weeks ago and no one even knows his name. Culprits were a gang of Somali migrants.

    Leftist puke white woman neglects her kid and it's national news.

  2. Didn't the Senate just vote to make this legal?

  3. Hopefully the courts can learn from their mistakes of not taking drug abuse and mental health problems seriously . A total lack of logical thinking and corncern from the court's part.

  4. R.i.p baby boy. Omg.. Sending love and hug to family and friends who loves him forever 💙💙💙💙

  5. Mom I love you, I love you too son,blam,blam ,blam

  6. Maybe the mother had a good reason to do it? We should not be so quick to judge. I want the facts to come out 🤔

  7. Who was forgotten?

  8. If we legalized abortion till the kid turns 18 then this would not be a crime. Go abortion!!!!

  9. too bad it wasn't rittenhouse found and his mommy the killer

  10. God hold and protect this precious child forever

  11. Just keep on repeating scenarios, nothing new

  12. 🥺🥺🥺🥺Oh my God. That little angel 😇 … I'm so sorry…. So sorry that … That baby left this world too early. 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  13. I wonder if the judge is a parent.

  14. Primary caregiver 🤡

  15. There were concerns before the boys' death but ignored. How do you feel about those concerns now???

  16. Why? What in the world

  17. So sad 😞… May God take the boy up to Heaven..

  18. Big deal! Kids are cheap. Empty the orphanages. Unless you fear defectoids.

  19. How horrifying! This poor baby and his father's unbearable grief. I can't imagine.

  20. en.uoa.gr 🇬🇷👍 Slanderer of USA, ὄᾰροι Kαμόρα (οαροι means women) cia.gov

  21. i mean you wiped all natives out the world doesn't expects suprises at all.

  22. Just think about how they would have treated the kid if it was a forced birth. USA is about to get Bible type of ugly. I’m afraid you haven’t seen nothing yet.

  23. Putting a body in a trunk is so cliche. That's the real crime here.

  24. So so Sad, but why child service did take this child from his mom and giving him 2 his dad. If this was a black kids the first troble the black mom get in the state would have, taken that kid away from her, but I guess white more are excusable.

  25. Put stoning to death in effect for her.

  26. This is disgusting 😤 so sad, always give the mothers custody, the system is broken, bless the dad ,rip little fella 🙏 😢

  27. What has that innocent soul done to them that he doesn't deserve to be in this world?????

  28. If these European immigrants were never let in the country over 100 years ago, this wouldn't have happened here.

  29. This is horrible. Rip LITTLE angel! I wish the worst to the mother

  30. That mother is a Monster, how can someone do that to a 6 year old

  31. When are dudes gonna realize females, for the most part, aren't to be trusted. . They'll do anything to get back at u. Being politically correct can be deadly.

  32. And this is why the system should be Accounted for. Arrest the judge

  33. This is not about Fathers rights this is about child abuse and children being left with abusers please

  34. Wtf! This should not have happened

  35. Wtf. Life in prison. Do not pass go. Period

  36. Rest In Peace 🙏🙏🙏

  37. Child murder seems to be on the rise. People are horrified. Communities shaken. Politicians …. unwavering in their quests for power and control over women's bodies, our paychecks, our lack of affordable housing, our feeling trapped in lives with no way out. How much longer can this go on??? Children deserve better than this. One thing is certain, you can all debate when life begins but the lives of children once they are born is what is actually killing them, in terrible and tragic ways. What are all the power players doing about that, huh???? 🗽🤦‍♀️😱🤮😭😭😭😭😠🤬

  38. Social media accounts for these monsters indicate a highly disturbed far left democrat with previous metal health issues.