Thursday , August 11 2022

Missile hits shopping mall in central Ukraine l ABCNL

A shopping mall was hit by a Russian missile in Ukraine, killing at least 10 people. ABC News foreign correspondent Tom Soufi Burridge reports from Kyiv.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Someone in the high levels of the US government are getting rich from all of this.

  2. Ain't no way someone parked his car in Ukraine an thought when he's back it's gon be in one peace

  3. 1000 people and barely any cars in the parking lot… but that would make sense when you realize that mall has been permanently closed since 2015.

    More lies from Ukraine. They already got 60 billion of our money, and it looks like they are working on getting 60 more.

  4. Excuse me!!! YES… there was a military facility next door …
    British intelligence believes that the target of the missile strike in Kremenchuk was a military infrastructure facility adjacent to the shopping center.   Earlier, the Pentagon did not support the Ukrainian thesis about the attack on a residential building in Kiev and admitted that the target was the Artem military plant.
    LAVROV:  … media in the west exploded with video clips from  Kremenchuk showing footage of a burning shopping mall accusing the russian military of bombing civilian infrastructure. The Russian MoD was very precise and clearly explained what actually happened there. They bombed the hanger (Artem) where european and american weapons and ammunition arrived.  As a result of the detonation of ammunition, an empty shopping cventer standing nearby caught fire. The more the west supplies Ukraine with weapons that are designed to prolong the conflict the suffering of civilians who constantly live under the ukrainian neo-nazi regime the more tasks russia will perform on earth… and these tasks will be achieved.

  5. The United Statesand NATO should allow Ukraine to attack military targets in Russia territory. Allowing Russia to attack civilians in Ukraine territory while asking Ukrainian not to attack military targets in Russia territory!! What is the rationale?

    美國與北約應該允許烏國攻擊俄國境內軍事目標,只允許俄國攻擊烏國境內平民不允許烏國攻擊俄國境內軍事目標,. 這是甚麼道理?

  6. Im amazed how fast they cleaned the parkinglot from all the rubble, In an other video from the same attack with a little lake it shows a lot of rubble raining down on the poor people.
    But the parking lot its clean, and the only cars on parking lot still have their windows intact.
    Who shall I belive?

  7. It's amazing how the US government claim they can't afford to take care of their own country's homeless and the ones in need. But they could somehow come up with billions of dollars overnight to help people in Ukraine.

  8. I just can't f****** grasp my mind around who would ever think that THIS IS OK!

  9. 「画像が不快すぎる」、

  10. Where are the cars for the 1000 people and the staff inside??

  11. Absolutely Russia deliberately targeting innocent civilians. War crimes, Poo tin is an evil POS thake down Russia and Poo tin

  12. Plz russia launch space lada

  13. World war three. Just want we needed to get out of a recession yes some might die but those who survive eat their fruits from their labor lol It got us out of the Great Depression

  14. For my untrained eyes, I can still identified a lot of mistakes of how they planned this bombing.
    Not enough people around the area. No children and not many women especially in a maĺl full of people(over 1000 people), not many deaths, soldiers around etc.
    For me, it's a theater created by Ukraine and it's allies to get more helps and support for their losing course.
    This war will ending up with Nuclear. The Western hysteria is only getting worse by the years.

  15. Why can't   you see any of the emergency crews putting out any fires in any cars parked in the mall in the videos

    You can't see a single damaged or burnt car in the videos

    All cars in the videos shown are not damaged at all which means that they were not in the mall when it got hit

    That would mean the carpark was empty

  16. They sending those ukrain arms to congo to get cobalt for electric cars,,thats what’s happening with brandon 💯the news is lieing again

  17. No cars in carpark. Just saying…. dumb sheep

  18. When you go to mall ignoring the war threat announced by the strongest military power.

  19. Zelensky : "Russia attacks a mall. Around 16 people died, and 59 were injured. There were 1000 people in the mall when the Russians attacked with missiles."
    Putin : "We don't do that !!!"
    People in other part of the world (to Zelensky) : "Are you kidding me? Missil that big only 16 dead? He's joking again". 🤭

  20. This should be happening in Russia.

  21. It is similar to the NATO’s bombardment on Yugoslavia Serbia Iraq and Libya.

  22. That was attack on weapons storage you idiots! Mall was just near the storage! Nazi ideas to cover themselves with civilians and civilian buildings! You can watch videos from those rockets directly up to impact on military arsenal storage! Fake propaganda from Nazi Ukrainians that rockets shell mall?! For what purpose? Did you ever ask yourself?! Why waste expensive equipment for the mall?! Only morons will believe that Russians rocket the mall or as it was already uncovered the fake story with maternity hospital! Fake news to suck more money from west for corrupt Ukrainian Nazi Regime!

  23. It’s time to drop about 50 atom bombs on Russia and call it a day. Putin is effectively a world-class terrorist at this point. This is getting old. Obviously Russia doesn’t care about any other country than themselves so why do the rest of us need to care about its existence? Blow it all up start over from scratch. Maybe it will turn them into an example and no other country will dare pull this crap again.

  24. Russia claims the missile struck the Kredmash vehicle plant that was storing Western munitions causing secondary explosions and fire upon the adjacent mall.

  25. Bet Ukraine did it to use as more anti-russian propaganda.

  26. Despite economic sanctions slapped on Neo-Bolshevik Russia, Western plutocracies keep on sending billions of dollars to Neo-Bolshevik thug Putin, thereby feeding his murderous war machine. Ukrainian President Zelinsky has repeatedly called on Western leaders to cut down on buying Russian natural gas, oil, and other Russian commodities in order to at least slow down Putin's war on Ukraine.

  27. Since they are clearly not affected by any sanctions, they should be punished with more sanctions. Right?

  28. They talk a lot about this war and blame Russia for killing civilians but nobody talks about the civilians that the United States killed in Iraq, Iran and Syria 🇸🇾 that's the cruel truth.

  29. Not cool. When you bomb malls and markets or silos and farmers then you have only one aim: using famine as a weapon. And having the history of the holodomor genocide in mind that wakes bad memories. I am not so sure what Putin tried to achieve with that war or those kind of actions and threats but that will not end well and it will stick to the Russian image for a very long time to come. I mean, it's stupid. He is damaging his own country with that war for no obvious reason.