Thursday , December 3 2020
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Missing Fort Hood soldier's sisters want justice | USA TODAY

Vanessa Guillen’s sister: Fort Hood soldier questioned in disappearance laughed in my face.

Vanessa Guillen’s sister says the fellow Fort Hood solider who killed himself after being questioned about her sister’s disappearance previously “had the nerve” to “laugh in my face.”

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  2. Why are Mexicans in our military tell me that. For that reason alone I would discourage my children to join.

  3. Will this case simply vanish or the truth will come out? It looks like not a one, two- level authority in the military but a complex of systemic problem.

  4. I am a female Army Veteran who was beyond sexually harrassed and taken advantage of sexually by the Supply Specialist in my unit at Fort Stewart, GA. in 1995. What happened to Vanessa is what happens when you report sexual harassment or the alternative is as in the case with me you get blamed, mistreated, and have promotions held up, and endure trauma. True justice never prevails. I am grateful her family did not give up otherwise it would have quietly went away. R.I.P.

  5. The United States military are puppets for the Rothschild's. They own and control every federal reserve bank in every country except a few countries. All the Rothschild's care about is owning and controlling other countries banks. It doesn't matter who makes the rules, it's the one who controls the currency.


  7. For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins that who so ever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life

  8. Let me guess: Liberals will somehow still find a way to pin this on trump.

    Edit: Found the dude. Maybe there will be more… people realize that not everything in the world is trump’s fault. His supporters are also people…

  9. Reading the comments, sounds like our Brown brothers are ready to rise up against us blacks. Didn't hear about this until earlier today. I was wondering why my Mexican neighbors were looking at me crazier than usual.

  10. Desafortunadamente no avido apoyo de los trompudos y se dicen llamar los que apoyan a los del militar. Hemos visto más apoyo de los morenos sin duda. Los únicos que se quejan de los BLM son personas que quieren dividir un voto unido.

  11. Sadly we are not seeing any support from Trump supporters. Our Vanessita deserves more than politics.

  12. Let me school you about Ft Hood and the army. Number one rank protect rank. No one in her chain of command will get Jack shit. No charges will be given to anyone. No one will pay for it. Number two the lowest possible rank will be sacrificed for the chain of command. Theyll blame the lowest possible person. Easy to get rid off. Family will never have justice because the Army won't allow it to happen. They hate embarrassing situations.

  13. I'm so sorry for this murder of your beautiful daughter,sister. I hope that killer is burning in hell for eternity. And yes this can happen to anyone male or female. I have a 19 year old grandson who signed up for the Marines. And I am so worried for him since he was raised by my son and his wife I. A very strict morman household. And I know how Boot camp is. I'm scared but what can I do but pray to Jehovah to please protect him.

  14. Women need to understand they shouldn't want to have every job a male does. If you're Black or a non white woman or man in general you have a target on your back.

  15. Killed by a black soldier, period.

  16. Im supporting the innocent family. Viva la revolution!

  17. BLM right why ain't we protesting rn innocent till found guilty right ? Sarcasm of course

  18. Shout out Vanessa's Squad NCO, Platoon NCO and Company Commander. The killer is dead, but…there must be consequences for the leadership. This happened on their watch!

  19. America deserves respect stay out illeglas

  20. not proven she was murdered

  21. I'm a father now and to a daughter and I feel the pain the family going thru RIP Beautiful Vanessa

  22. Justice Vanessa live ♥️♥️♥️

  23. Why not protest for this, smdh

  24. Fort Hood officials ignored sexual harassment claims from the victim leading up to her murder. Another case of government investigating government… as the useless worthless commies they are, their investigations lead nowhere. A beaurocrat will always be a beaurocrat, doesn't matter if you taught him to make his bed and shoot a rifle

  25. It’s really sad to lose a family member, but it’s even more sad when the family doesn’t even represent you well. Condolences to the family members but at the same time go take a communications class

  26. Case closed. Army sways the sheeples away from the dumped bodies. Suckers.

  27. They made a mural of her, I thought liberals hate soilders or is it because she is a women?

  28. The story is a missing soldier and the suicide of a person of interest. Why does USA Today even mention Fort Hood in the title? Oh yeah….hate Trump.

  29. This story is stomach turning.. I pray the Army gets to the bottom of it..and charge anyony who played a role.. Such a beautiful girl.. Heartbreaking💔

  30. A BLACK man and WHITE woman kills a HISPANIC wow!!! Wake up BROWN ppl you’re the largest minority in the USA yet you allow the DEMOCRAT party to give you ONE topic to talk about “illegal BORDER Jumpers” sad…

  31. Why would you expect the Army Brass to have taken this seriously from the start? She is a woman and Latina, and the Commander in Chief does not care about the lives of our soldiers.

  32. #LatinLivesMatter the killer was black, right?

    Oh but what…we cant say that ANY other lives matter because some stupid shit about appropriation or some shit like that right?

    Condolences to the grieving family.

  33. It always starts out with fun and games… then it's if I can't have her nobody can.

  34. Were are the black. People. I though they were rolling together like a few months ago.. they fucken needs Hispanic people. And were are they when one of our people is dead. But yeah just for floyd right…..

  35. Where is the rest of their comments? Those sisters demanded that the base be shut down and closed. They blamed the base, but refused to put all the blame at the feet of those responsible.

  36. The suspect killed himself. Period. How stupid are you to demand justice from someone who is dead. There is no cover up. The military wanted this guy too but that's not happening now. The victim obviously made a bad decision to date this guy and she paid for it with her life. This kind of stuff happens every day in the U.S..

  37. They're just chasing money now. The younger sister is disgusting.

  38. A black man killed a brown woman out of cold blood and no justice is served. To all my brown sisters, I will defend you to no end.

  39. Sorry sister, Black lives only matter right now and I'm sure if you rioted over your honorable sister than not one politician is going to bend the knee for her life.

  40. And the MURDERER WILL GO FREE.. watch this space

  41. This doesn’t add up. He didn’t murder her for that bullshit. Wasn’t she harassed by a Sargent or something?

  42. Well one of them has killed himself and the other one will probably say that she had to go along with the dead one so she wouldn't die

  43. The military doesn’t give a crap about anyone. They could careless about their soldiers. They want to look good in the eye of the public and that’s it.

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