Missing Georgia Mom Sends Daughter Unsettling Venmo Message Prior To Being Found Dead

A police report reveals 59-year-old Debbie Collier’s body was found in a wooded area in north Georgia. Collier’s daughter told police the day her mother went missing, she sent nearly $2,400 through Venmo, with a message saying, “they are not going to let me go, love you.” WXIA’s TKTK reports.

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  1. They probably got upset when she didn’t send the money to them and sent it to her daughter instead with a note and that’s probably why they killed her ! Really saddening the evil people that’s all around us!! 😢 May she Rest In Peace!!

  2. My condolences to the family 🙏🙏🙏❤

  3. Prayers and thoughts and heart and condolences go out to the family. Prayers forJustice fir hee family

  4. This is beyond horrifying. Venmo/PayPal needs to get in on this and figure out how to update the platform to help in these hostage situations.

    I can’t imagine the rage I would feel seeing a loved one’s last words like this.

  5. Sounds like the daughter was involved in her mothers murder

  6. They’re not going to let me go

  7. Sounds like a hired hitman or hitmen

  8. Psychotic delusion. Murderers and kidnappers don't park on the side of the road and char their victims 50 feet in. This woman has been battling demons in her head long before this happened.

  9. What type of stuff was that lady involved in smh

  10. Heartbreaking news wouldn't wish it on a soul rest in peace may everyone comfort her family

  11. Investigate whoever got into the car accident with her…

  12. it seems as if she knew she was going to be killed so she sent her daughter money before they did it, so sad I wouldn't care about any money that's my mom…

  13. that message was written by someone she knew. probably the usual suspect.

  14. Mmmm this sounds weird I think the daughter had someone to do with it 🤔 maybe for the money so she got her mom's found after she killed her own mother and sent herself money and a strange message to herself pretending to be her mom that's what probably happened

  15. Seeing stories of people being murdered is getting old. Consequences need to increased. No one fears jail. Time to stop playing games and giving murderers leniency.

  16. Why would they let her send a message or money?

  17. I don’t think it was the mother who sent the money, because if the mother knew she wouldn’t be set free why didn’t she Venmo a larger amount of money like all her money to her daughter? And if she had the time to write that sentence why didn’t she instead write help me or describe the kidnapper in the time she had to write a message? I don’t think the mother wrote this message or sent that money.

  18. Find the responsible person or people and hold accountability and consequences for the brutal actions if killing this poor lady. leaving behind heartache and pain

  19. Sad for her family. ….Wish she had stated name or names instead of just ‘ “they” are not going to let me go”.

  20. How sad those last moments must have been knowing she was gonna die.

  21. Drugs…or spouse. There's a picture of him talking to investigators. He looked like so calm with t hand In his pocket and He looks unbothered

  22. this is why i advocate for women carrying a gun. bet you the murderers wouldnt have suspected she had one and couldve gotten killed before they could take her life away. guns save more lives than are taken by them

  23. Wow this is sad, hope they find all those involved.

  24. This simply does not add up.

  25. The murderers should be hung publicly.

  26. The daughter did it or had it done

  27. Why would she Venmo her daughter? Because of this, the daughter is now suspect #1

  28. You can’t put a price on life. She was a human being, they killed her over 2400!!! How sickening man 🙁


  30. As always look at the usual suspect

  31. Heartbreaking. So so so sad.

  32. I’m praying for all women across the land..their is an evil spirit hovering over us…preying on Woman…and attacking our younger generation 🙏🏽

  33. That’s a strange amount to send your daughter while being kidnapped..why not send everything in your account? And how did the daughter know where her mother’s body was..like did the police call her to the scene? Question this lady’s daughter because she sent the message and the money from her mother’s phone.

  34. Very odd last message. If she had the opportunity to send a message, why not describe the perps or other clue?

  35. Wake up. The daughter is involved.

  36. This doesn't sound right would someone kidnapping you and allowing you to send your child some money something not adding up.

  37. This story is cryptic, I hope PD investigate because any reasonable person would call 911 first before calling family so pls investigate.
    This mother was killed but the details are disturbing!

  38. Wow the Daughter killed the mother for 2400 dollars. Disgusting

  39. How come she didn't call 911…