Sunday , November 29 2020
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Mission To Capture El Chapo’s Son Erupts In Deadly Shootout | NBC Nightly News

Mexican forces stormed a home cornering the son of notorious drug lord “El Chapo,” but the 28-year-old was released as authorities took on a counter-attack from the Sinaloa cartel. At least eight were killed in the firefight and dozens more injured, as Mexico’s president said the decision to retreat was made to protect citizens.
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Mission To Capture El Chapo’s Son Erupts In Deadly Shootout | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Why guns I'm going to Mexico

  2. Mexico president and military are a joke. Just join the cartel already

  3. That's a lot of power for one man to have

  4. Completely lawless country…scary cesspool

  5. Nope, not without an AC-130 gunship. Your bounty is rising senior choppo #2.

  6. Wow 😳. Well there’s nun we can do about that. So I made a fun and easy Halloween makeup tutorial on my channel check it out 💉😱 Also I want to raise awareness for Dysautonomia I bet you don’t know what that is.

  7. Only if they had more gun control laws this wouldn’t have happened oh wait never mind criminals don’t follow the law!

  8. All the Federales say they could've had him any day
    They only let him slip away out of kindness I suppose

  9. Wow they gave up faster the the French did.

  10. Police rounds up his house.. a whole army of gang members round up the whole

  11. Let's call it what it really is. The beginning of a Mexican Civil War.

  12. I want to know how much the president Mexico get?

  13. You think the California politicians "really" want to have open boarders?

  14. try again with bigger weapons? no war zones. precision and planning works best. don't give them time to regroup or counter strike. and maybe evacuate the area first.

  15. The right decision was to execute him and his father. Mexican officials should’ve asked the U.S for help instead of embarrassing themselves and destroy their reputation.

  16. After all that violence, they let him go. Good job!

  17. Look at all those American guns. Wonder how they got those 🤔

  18. "resembling a warzone", it IS a warzone

  19. This coverage is very confusing… talks about invading a home and all of a sudden out of nowhere says many inmates escaped…wtf?!#%

  20. LMFAO@mexican security forces

  21. I'm 12 years old I got to see everything 😔 the dead bodies I honestly wasn't scared of the gunmen I'm use to seeing guns everyday that's normal for us here in Culiacan. We moved from California To Culiacan almost 5 years ago my dad use to work for the Mayo Zambada ppl I would wake up To my dad's Radios (walkie-talkies) at school Most of my frnds dad's worked for the cartel too who's ever dad would carry more guns or the best long ones was Supposebly better or thouger. Always competing😑 I miss California but I wouldn't move back just to visit or go to Disney… I love Culiacan maybe someday things will change around here.

  22. Be a spy and destroy the cartels… doubt it will work and risky but also give it a try

  23. America and Trump and his great boarder policies need to stop all illegal drugs and aliens coming into America.

  24. When drug cartels are literally now just para-militaries

  25. Bad call on the part of the Mexican government. This would not happen in the US.

  26. Looks like we won’t be seeing the full broadcast for a while

  27. It's Mexico, what do you expect would happen? A Burro Ride thru Revolution Ave, TJ?

  28. This remind me of movie olympus had fallen

    Having machine gun it trash truck.

  29. Very weak President. Totally clueless.

  30. His life is still not done he can’t get out tho so when it’s time he may help people or repeat history it not set yet but close it’s a strange thing that would take a lot of time I’m not looking or thinking about it

  31. Only if our military could help…hmmmmm. Odd how we are in everyone else’s business around the world except Mexico

  32. The fact that the police had to let him free to end violence is crazy and that he has more power then the police force

  33. Every single of level in government are corrupt. And just because they let him go doesn’t mean innocent people won’t die

  34. I think the police made the right decision he’s protecting his people, let those busters have him, although this proves how weak the cops are with ammunition and military

  35. That's why I don't go to that taco stand.

  36. Thats Americas drug connection!! US loves Coke!!

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