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MLB league MVP race & Which playoff dark horse is most dangerous? | MLB WHIPAROUND

The MLB Whiparound crew makes its picks for overall league MVP and discusses which dark horse playoff team has the best chance to make some noise in October.

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MLB league MVP race & Which playoff dark horse is most dangerous? | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Which playoff dark horse is most dangerous?

  2. Any answer other than trout is dead wrong

  3. Trout… don’t care about the stats he’s far and away the best. Belly is second and he wins the NL MVP, but trout overall

  4. What would they say now after the Mets swept Cleveland

  5. As an Astros fan…i think Cody Bellinger is the top MVP. We have many All-Stars on the Astros. I hope the Dodgers and Astros go to the World Series again. See you in the playoffs.

  6. Trout is the MVP for all the league. Bellinger is great, absolutely, and so is Yelich. But Trout is the best. And Acuña Jr is the most exciting player in baseball. And an awesome player. He’s gonna go at least 40-30 and could have 7 WAR. Obviously won’t win MVP this year, but he’s also only 21. Dude is awesome.

  7. I gotta go with Cody Bellinger easily

  8. Sorry METS just when you thought Braves where hot they got even hotter! Not the METS or the Dodgers are going to stop them come post season.

  9. Nick Swisher almost broke up BArneys perfect week

  10. I still don’t think that MVP should rely on a team that makes it to the postseason. Winning takes a team effort. Good pitching and good hitting, one player can’t win a game

  11. I agree with Nick, Acuna is WAY BETTER THAN ALONSO!!! Acuna has power, contact, speed, gets on base, energetic, great defensively, and has a good arm!! Alonso has power, no average, no defense, no speed, no arm, strikes out 24/7, doesn’t often get on base, and isn’t energetic!!!

  12. Hey stop forgetting about tatis jr!!!! He should be the rookie of the year

  13. Trout by far
    Trout- 8.4
    Bellinger- 6.9
    Yelich- 6.5

    He’s leading both of those clowns in wRC+ and BsR so he’s been a better hitter and baserunner than both

  14. But the Indians are not even making the WC 😂😂

  15. Mike Trout shouldn’t get it. Won’t even make it to the post season once again.

  16. Bellinger has played all over the place while still hitting homerun. But I rather have a world series ring then an mvp.

  17. Yelich numbers are better than both of theirs OPS, steals, average contending team and all you will hear about is Trout. Yes he has been the best player or one of the best for years but he legit is always hyped up to compare iwth DONDS or Griffey come on now.

  18. Wow no love for Freeman as usual

  19. How can you be MVP when your team is always trash. MVP stands for most valuable. You aren’t valuable if you always lose. Award should be best player.

  20. Thankfully Swisher mentioned Acuña, I will never understand why Braves players and the team in general just seem to get forgotten about by sports media.

  21. didn’t even mention the yankees, talking about winning the most games, what about DJ for MVP???

  22. Angel stadium always looks full🤣🤣🤣

  23. This has to be one of the closest MVP races ever.. there numbers aren't that far apart.. some may even argue that trout is the worse out of this 3

  24. Mike Trout will home in October his team isnt in a pennant race

  25. Why has nobody put my boy ronald acuña jr in the mvp race🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. Where’s dj if you talking about super utility lol

  27. Belli is a bomber. The REAL MVP! ⚾️💪🏼💣

  28. Devers deserves it in the al. It’s just true

  29. Ok swish everyone can DH for you 😂😂

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