Tuesday , September 28 2021
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MLB Whip Crew breaks down Zack Greinke being traded to the Houston Astros | MLB WHIPAROUND

Mark Sweeney and JP Morosi discuss pitcher Zack Greinke being traded to the Houston Astros from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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MLB Whip Crew breaks down Zack Greinke being traded to the Houston Astros | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Is Zack Greinke a good fit for the Astros?

  2. 2:10 just proven by Aaron Sanchez tonight first start @ Astros 6 innings no hits which lead to a No Hitter Game. ⚾️

  3. I think NYY is the only legit chance to beat them becuz they have 2 brutal things. That hitting lineup when everyone is there and bullpen

  4. Hopefully its not another Yu Darvish situation like for LA Dodgers haha. Good Luck Greinke from Arizona

  5. yankees took a huge L yesterday. Astros have 3 aces to throw at them in October. If I'm a yankee fan, I'm picketing outside yankee stadium right now

  6. They winning it all lol I don’t see anybody beating this team. Small maybe to NYY or Dodgers


  8. He's a regular season pitcher but has aged well like Mike mussina

  9. I just wish we wouldn't see Osuna get a ring too.

  10. Glad Greinke is on a contender

  11. Houston vs Atlanta in the series! Houston wins in 6 games! Another championship loss for Atlanta and the state of Georgia!

  12. As a dbacks fan I’m sad to see him go but it’s time greinke gets the ring he deserves

  13. The thing is look at when Detroit had the big 3 they got swept

  14. Happy to see Greinke given a chance at a ring. Just sad for baseball that we won't get a chance to see him rake.

  15. Houston Astros 2019 CHAMPS

  16. They could have just resigned Charlie Morton and not lose all those prospects

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