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MLB Whip Crew discusses Bryce Harper's first season in Philadelphia | MLB WHIPAROUND

MLB Whip Crew discusses Bryce Harper’s first season in Philadelphia. Has Harper’s first season as a Phillie been a success?

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MLB Whip Crew discusses Bryce Harper’s first season in Philadelphia | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. What are your thoughts on Bryce Harper's performance?

  2. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  3. He's been good. Hopefully the team as a whole Will start playing better.

  4. If Mccutchen hadn't injured Phillies would be in a good shape. Before his injury Phillies were 33-22. He was having a comeback year.

  5. Philly's have become the "there's always next year" team

  6. Harper is overhated by a lot of people because of his contract. But if you look at it objectively, he’s having a stellar season and definitely every team would love to have him on their line up. 30+ hrs and 100+ rbis are always good numbers specially when youre coming to a completely different clubhouse.

  7. There are no great years for him bc he's not great.

  8. I’m a Phillies fan we goin to miss the playoffs this year hope I’m wrong but next year we in mccutch come back hopefully we get some starting pitch and a couple of bullpen pieces and Harper hasn’t disappointed to me he will only get better

  9. The Phillies way overpaid for Harper, bad contract. Harper is a decent player, but there are so many players better than him making a lot less money. This contract has tied up a lot of money that could be used in other areas to help the team. Harper is not even one of the best 25 position players in baseball.

  10. Anybody who is somewhat analytically inclined will tell you focusing on his RBIs is not smart. At the end of the day, his OPS is around .870. Yes, he's good. But this is not as good as what he's been doing over the past few years offensively and CERTAINLY not what the Phillies are paying for.

  11. I like Bryce and I thinkhe is doing a great job! The Phillies seem to be either hot or cold. Most of the players are doing a really good impressive job. But other teams fear Bryce and I notice he gets really crummy pitches. I know, it's how the game is played. But Bryce not only gets lots of home runs, I have not seen him not catch a fly ball.

  12. Harper is our best hitter and the center piece of the team, well worth the contract

  13. Im tired of people making excuses for Bruce Harper. He gets paid $330 million he should be at least hitting .300. There are holes in his swing. He pulls off the balls that are on the outside part of the plate when he should be staying inside of them. There is a lot of room for improvement in his game

  14. Correct me if im wrong but wasnt Nick Swisher a keen resemblance for a Easter Ham at one point?

  15. All about rings in Philly? They’ve been a franchise for over 100 years and have two World Series rings lol

  16. traitor … leaves a team committed to him for a competitor in the same division … only went to PHI because they were dumb enough to give him that money … he is and still will be a pretty productive player for a few years but not even close to being worth the money he is getting … doubt he will win a WS … WAS has a better team than PHI too

  17. No phillies fans r mad about his contract it’s every other fan base

  18. People say Harper is having a down year. It's more than just a down year if he's been playing poorly since 2016. He's what I like to call overrated.

  19. Playoffs or Not. I think Harper had an amazing season for us!

  20. Not a Phillies fan but anyone who knows baseball would think Charlie is a better manager for them

  21. Rather have Harper than Heyward

  22. Are you dimwits kidding me, Bryce has sold 30 million dollars worth of t-shirts alone. He's the biggest bargain in baseball!

  23. Way overpaid don’t justify a mediocre average for home runs and rbis I’d rather have gallo at that point

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