Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Mnuchin Announces The Possibility Of 'Very Significant' Sanctions Against Turkey | NBC News

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that President Trump will sign an executive order that gives his department the power to place “very significant” economic sanctions against Turkey should the need arise.
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Mnuchin Announces The Possibility Of ‘Very Significant’ Sanctions Against Turkey | NBC News


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  1. US will sanctions everybody… Russia, China, and NATO ally…

  2. why does he have the face and voice that i really want to punch? ..

  3. Where’s Hunter Biden ?

  4. Putin and Assad are loving this. 💀💀

  5. NBC is a pos. Im talking about having my money in limbo due to the actions of cashapp attempting to scam myself of my own generated income. And this is the video "recommended" to myself, the "media" is sick. I have ppl attempting to stifle my economic growth and "media" attempting to throw foreign affairs into my rights as an American being violated.

  6. Am CERTAIN every administration and politician has been corrupt to varying levels, but this POTUS is looney tooney way over the top. So he must also choose his subordinates using that inept logic….one perfect example is Mnunchin.

  7. Another self created crisis by humpty dumpty

  8. Possibility……all talk like everything else.

  9. Turkey is doing genocide of kurds and world is watching not sanctioning Turkey.
    Impose sanctions on Turkey and remove that Erdogan from power. He supports ISIS using his proxies.
    If kurds are moved, ISIS will grow which Erdogan wants.

  10. Turkey should close Incirlik airbase and exit Nato. They should join the Russia and Chinese alliance.

  11. And there is no " possibility " of sanctions on turkey cause they are tight with putin / Russia which is why trump handed the kurds over for turkey to slaughter on Putin's birthday .we are not idiots .well , some of us anyway

  12. And this is all Trump's fault.. Now he is making himself out to be a HERO..

  13. His superpower is that it hurts to look at him, and hearing his voice only makes him grosser.
    Other than that, he's just a skeevy fraud that belongs in prison.

  14. Should USA Rule the WORLD ??? Why should USA BabySit these Country's ???

  15. So where going to war with Turkey now

  16. Didn't trump create this mess?

  17. Trump's twin towers in Istanbul are far more important to him than any American lives.
    We are such a global disgrace now.
    If you travel out of the country, hide your identity from the public.
    They spit on Americans now. Laugh, point, then spit.

  18. Gee we sure hope the presidents Turkish investments are safe 🤔

  19. Greatest President ever…too many young soldiers dying for no good reason.

  20. He's awkward….seems a little embarrassed

  21. BFD. How many Kurds did you slaughter today??

  22. Idiots. You fools are the ones who let them in.

  23. Do these sanctions include sanctions on Trump hotel in Istanbul?

  24. So we're punishing Turkey for doing what we let them do?

  25. California sucks you never gonna get em there hommie

  26. Or Mississippi or Arkansa or Kansas

  27. so all potential Turkey officials can now move and transfer funds and assets with this warning. STUPID

  28. And if they dont.have em well BUY EM!! HURRY UP you got people all over buy em in TN or Georgia everything is cheap there

  29. This wouldn’t be a problem if we kept the 50 or so troops in northern Syria. What a mess

  30. All those people…Was it worth whatever you got out of it.

  31. NBC tried to bury the Weinstein story. Great news source. Strictly the truth.

  32. Kudos president Trump. In a place where all sides support terrorism in one form or another my 19 yr old Marine doesn't need to be over there fighting to keep the PKK around. I wish more Americans agreed.

  33. When Erdogan can confiscate all of Trumps Turkey holdings with the flick of a pen.
    How serious of a threat is this.. ( and maybe has already threatened this)

  34. This is what we gonna if CNN has my guns same as the NRA and you have a is gonna be expensive but Im sure if you drop whatever you got againt Giuliani's im sure we can get you a Discount with G4s control group or anyother private intel agency

  35. Trump has no intention to put sanctions on his lover Erdogan. He is just throwing a bone to his critics.
    If he were serious he would give Turkey an ultimatum.

  36. We will perhaps, may, in the future impose sanctions as it turns out Turkey has no information on the Bidens

  37. Wouldn't it have been easier just to leave the troops in Syria? Oh my bad Putin don't want that.

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