Monday , January 18 2021
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Mnuchin, Commissioner Ramamurti clash during hearing on CARES Act

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testifies on CARES Act before Congressional Oversight Commission.

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  1. These businesses are struggling due to COMMUNIST DEM GOVENOR/MAYORS. We the ppl are tired of this TYRANNY!

  2. Your to scared of these people. You have to run with a tail between your legs you can't stick up for yourself or us. We need that's stimulus

  3. Joe BIDEN and his Son should be thrown in Prison.

  4. More than 80 millón America’s come to president Trump now we demand justice and thuth
    The authorities and representatives have to enforce the popular will if the act truthfully
    This circus would have already ended , unfortunately see that everyone wants to continue
    With this farce

  5. Donald Trump 2020 we need him as our President. Not Joe BIDEN

  6. Trump 2020. Voter fraud to the max. Watch God work.

  7. Ramamurti should be concerned how Obama paid Iranians $1.5B of taxpayers money (in cash) and with Joe Biden as courier. It was on record and no Democrat cited anything about standard procedure.

  8. I am in agreement with the commissioner, stop stealing from the people..Cares Act is still NEEDED! Stimulus checks is needed, if you Care about the poor, unemployed by the millions.

  9. Everyone at this hearing and the rest of Congress need to live on $1200. A month or less to personally find out how stimulating it is.
    Btw what brand of water are they drinking in the green bottles?

  10. He would say that. Because they want to continue to say F…k the people of America. When are they going to stop doing the B… to the people of America.

  11. Yes change the December 31 date for people who didn't have money to pay for tags and registration for DMV and DEQ

  12. Wait a minute , where is the guys mask , and social distant ? 🤷‍♂️😏😡

  13. Joe's brother n law has ownership in DOMINION!!!

  14. Oh it’s the America home crushing we don’t cares act !🇺🇸


  16. Stop fronting money before it's just a slip of paper.

  17. Pass The Stimulus Checks! Now For Petesake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone. Needs The Money A FIVE Year Children's. Could Do better. job Or Should I Say Three Stogies. People In Canada. Can receive money every month the people should get here as well there's no difference

  18. If bideboy gets we will be the poorest country!
    The money is at a standstill.. people are still in need. corrupt rhino and demoncrat just want the balance to pay off themselves and their under the table handshakes!

  19. I Scream, You scream we all SCREAM for JUSTICE! Scream

  20. MNUCHIN is a dedicated Treasury Secretary, who has been hard working for the country.

  21. Biden is not the president and will NEVER be!

  22. Joe Biden will never be my President it will always be president trump

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