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Mnuchin: Trump's ‘reviewing all his options’ when it comes to China

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discusses President Trump’s strategy to reopen the economy and the new $3 trillion coronavirus relief package House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled this week with FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs. #FoxBusiness #LouDobbs

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  1. Trump bows before china now

  2. Adam Schiff… Is performing elderly abuse on pelosi…. Adam is directing her ….. Its purity elderly abuse…

  3. The head of the Florida department of health's data collection office has been fired for insisting on transparency and refusing to tamper with data, us mainstream media reported. In addition, the Georgia department of health, by reversing the dates and mislisting the Numbers, has shown that the number of new cases has declined for two weeks in a row

  4. China is evils let’s them be we can used that’s five hundred some billions here at home helping ours own



  7. Wuhan virus sure. I'm American can.

  8. The $500 billion imports from China go into American consumers and businesses as essentials. Without such imports from China, jobs are not always created, since the manufacture supply chain is in China. Losing exports to China, on the other hand, does hurt jobs in current economy. Jobs are part of economy, and trade is good for economy. No trade is bad for economy. Globalists are right. $500 billion would not hurt China’s $15 trillion economy. The pandemic will create more demands for China.

  9. We shall have term limit for congressmen.

  10. Steve Mnuchin is the Face of American Treachery. Look at the visceral hostility he has here to Lou Dobbs' position on China. He is Wall Street's Permanent Ambassador to the White House and as deep as it gets in the China Camp.

  11. cut all the trading with china..bring the made in America to America stop made in china is the wise thing to do!

  12. Anything “Made in China” goes back on the shelf. That’ our policy now.
    Go Donald! Trump 2020🇨🇦🤠

  13. Can you imagine if the United States unleashed this deadly virus on the world what would happen. We need are leaders to not let this go unpunished.

  14. The president has a por of oposición.
    A country divide does not prospere.
    The demócratas carece about política then the people

  15. The moron wouldn't need any options if he hadn't started screwing with China in the first place.

  16. Remember that time tRUMP wanted to cut off Mexico but his ENTIRE adminstration said that was A VERY BAD IDEA and it would wreck the economy?….pepper ridge farm remembers😂….OMG, tRUMP is so stupid

  17. He meant he wasn’t going to manufacture ties in China.

  18. Mnuchin: Go easy on me. I can barely open my mouth.

  19. Looks like they gave Lou dobs some Adderall. I haven't seen him this "sharp" in a while 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Trump ​must take care the American people first and stop the war in the South China Sea.

  21. I find that Trump's disgust and criticsm of China's attempts to 'cover-up' the origin's of Covid-19, a bit rich, coming as it does from someone who basis his whole career on peddling lies and fantasies to his adoring followers!
    Some are tantamount to bordering on deserving criminal charges!
    Talk about the 'pot' calling the 'kettle' black!

  22. Now the media workers are living on slandering China!It's all nonsense!

  23. Cut it off with chins they need us more then we need them we keep on kissing there a** cut it off just don't talk about it all talk & and no action comeing from Washington. But they don't want give our money tax payers be payer in time of need

  24. The United States began developing vaccines on January 11. How much truth has the United States hidden? Trump must be held responsible for the US's transmission of the virus to China

  25. 2 kids have a fight, and then one throws a tantrum: I'll never talk to you again. that's trump


  27. I will not vote for Trump if he doesn't grow some balls and say the virus is a bs government overreach.

  28. We're all employees in a Trump casino now..

  29. Every time I see Steve Mnuchin's name written, I want to read it as Munchkin.

  30. can't fix stupid, America it's not the center of the universe , and it's the only country who as since 2000 killed 4 million people. if you ad spent the 689 billion @ year on pace , instead of war this would be a better world whit pace and prosperity for all, instead of feeding the multinational companies who take all of the money , and the regular Joe sees he doesn't even see a penny . ask your what the all this wars bring to America only hate and pain . we strive to be better human but we are waking like a shrimp thank to the little narcissist orange man

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