Sunday , December 5 2021
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Mobile Market Bringing Affordable Healthy Food to Milwaukee’s Food Deserts

The Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is partnering with Piggly Wiggly to bring healthy, affordable fruits, vegetables and more to food deserts in the city. Across the U.S., nearly 20 million people live in low income areas without accessible grocery stores.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Mobile Market Bringing Affordable Healthy Food to Milwaukee’s Food Deserts


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  1. What are you talking about? Boomers built this country everything's perfect.

  2. 🎥 “BIDEN: A Failed Presidency”

  3. If we can do this for inner cities, why isn't it being done for Indian reservations?

  4. Thank you Biden, our beloved leader and unifier.

  5. Go back a few years…these areas had grocery stores.. they burned them down.. and now the rest of us are supposed to feel sorry for them…this is insanity..

  6. I pray every state has this kind of service

  7. How did healthy food became expensive?

  8. Here during pandemic little shops do well

  9. America where the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of people in line at food banks and other food assistance places are OBESE… What a Sad Sick place that's only one symptom. I've wondered if some members of the media doing these stories have even tried to find someone that isn't to interview for these stories and the conclusion I've come to is that the majority of people who are not would prefer not to be a part of these stories (because they actually have some pride & self respect…. They are in need but they have no intention of spending their whole life that way) and the majority of people who want to whine on TV about their food insecurity are the obese ones… Therefore making it even more difficult for any member of the media to find anybody for these type of stories that isn't obese. … Before You Go attacking me I was homeless at the age you were in Middle School and many times since… So don't make assumptions about me casting stones from a place of privilege and lack of empathy…. I took an oath to live on less than $20,000 U.S. a year in the 80s that I've maintained and use the rest to help others –> I gave my Economic Impact Payments, (stimulus checks) JUST FOR STARTERS LAST YEAR… to a children charity Sooo don't come my way with your moral lecturing and chastising I'll absolutely humiliate you from having walked the walk all you do is talk about.

  10. Shout out to George Floyd on 548 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕!!

  11. They will no doubt be looted and burned or stolen and driven through parades. There is a reason for these “food deserts” and it isn’t waycissm

  12. When they lock down the unvaccinated; this a great idea!

  13. Wonderful idea. Hopefully it catches on to other areas.

  14. In 1870 the Texas folks including Confederate vets had heavy disdain
    For the feds and the blue coat occupying
    Regulars and mercs. It is clear now WHY.

  15. People with low income need a card to swipe in order to get this service, from experience I have know people to get free food at Salvation Army, free stuff at the free store and they have incomes of $40k+….too many cheaters taking taking away from those in need and it has to stop🇨🇦

  16. Dear Liberals.

    It was a BLM Supporter who ran over your children in Wisconsin. Is this what you call a "Mostly Peaceful Protest"? Is this "Restorative Justice"?

    Do you plan on sacrificing any more of your children on the alter of pollical correctness?

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