Model charged in boyfriend’s murder

Police said social media personality Courtney Tailor stabbed her boyfriend. ABC News’ Christine Sloan reports on the elevator video released in the case.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Straight to death row she goes. Throw away the key.

  2. Or better yet. He got into a barehanded fight with several large grizzlies. After defeating 4. The 5th got him. In a sneak attack.

  3. She stamped that man to death? I'm going to go with flawless victory. I think out of respect for the departed. We just say she did not do that. He fell. Down several flights of stairs. And then back up them. Is what he chooses to go with.

  4. She's done this before and gotten away with murdering other men she needs to do natural life or be sent to the electric chair. She attacked this man and she went after him deliberately and then lie about it enjoying herself and in partying and this is wrong to take human life it's wrong 💯‼️👎🏼🤬☠️💫👿🔥

  5. That’s why I would never date a white woman

  6. 'Both sides.' Based on what? Shortly after this incident in the several months before her arrest, friends of the couple reported that they had only ever witnessed her abuse him.

  7. Why is she in civilian clothing for a first appearance?

  8. He should have left her a long time ago maybe her looks made him stay but a man getting slapped like this and you still stay smdh

  9. Murderer GUILTY enjoy prison 😜

  10. Lawyers fight to defend murder accused.$$$!

  11. This girl is pulling an Amber Heard…theirs nothing to fight…she's GUILTY…she's the only one seen in the video being abusive

  12. such a shame those nice cans will be locked in a cell, no motorboating anytime soon

  13. I hate that he had to lose his life 😢 I desire they whoop her ass while she in jail !!

  14. Black men stay away from these white girls

  15. “Only fan model” don’t try to glorify this murderous pornstar took them long enough to make an arrest

  16. Get ready for a lot more stories like this.

  17. She took away someone's life and ruined her own. So stupid.

  18. This is literally most women in 2022. Been through it seen all my friends go through it and they always get away with it

  19. She can't even throw a proper punch but she expects police to believe that she's a knife ninja.

  20. Guaranteed that she only gets a very light sentence, little slap on the wrist. Just watch..

  21. I used to see her on Instagram… this is surreal!! 😶😶😶

  22. If she doesn't get a substantial sentence, then we all know what "Florida justice" looks like. Based on the autopsy, she didn't throw the knife. She drove it down from a high angle to a lower angle at close range in front of his chest. It doesn't even look like an accident, but pre-mediated murder. I can't imagine what his last thoughts were as he bled out losing conscious.

  23. Keep that same energy in prison. She's gonna need it 😆

  24. handsome african king died😭😭😭🥱🥱🥱

  25. CBs are all mentally ill.
    This surprises nobody.

  26. It's ALL caused by the VERY SICK MEDIA, VERY VERY SICK MEDIA, victimizing these nice and innocent people. Don't forget this comment either.

  27. That’s his preference tho

  28. I’m sure she chose to go back to Miami so she wouldn’t be alone in prison, it sure would be expensive to visit her in Hawaii.

  29. She throws a knife and it somehow kill the sweet men, ok,yep make complete sentences. She assaulted the men

  30. When you get politics and the media sooo deeply involved in sex, it's going to be AWFULLY problematic, making many people UTTERLY ANGRY. Don't forget this comment.


  32. She was a monster. He didn't deserve to die. But I pray that this teaches people a lesson. That they shouldn't praise another race and down their own. The irony of a white women who he held up highly end up killing him. You can't make this stuff up!! Yet and still he didn't deserve to die. Thank goodness for the video in the elevator

  33. While privileged, should have been locked up

  34. To fight the murder charge? Throw her in a cell and be done with it it’s that simple

  35. Listen wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction(hell), but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life(heaven), only a few find it.Matthew7:13 Believe/repent before the rapture, before the tribulation. Please think about it dont be left behind, Jesus died 4 U. Love Ya

  36. Cryptocurrency investor haha

  37. Lock her up and throw away the key.

  38. “Onlyfans model-“ ep.. stop right there. I heard just enough 😂

  39. Not a model a porn slut . Le s be clear….OMG