‘Mohammed Shami will be regarded as the greatest Indian white-ball seamer if India win CWC 23’

Anil Kumble, Matthew Hayden and Danny Morrison join Raunak Kapoor to look back on India’s 70-run victory over New Zealand at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Mohd Shami took 7 wickets to help India book a spot in their 4th ODI World Cup Final and first since 2011.


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  1. Why ESPN podcast has bad sound…I listen to all other podcasts, they have a good sound quality. How come they don't know this till? 😅

  2. Danny n other foreigners feels it's 1 billion vs 11 NZ players… Land of a billion… he keeps saying again n again


  4. Why considering him only india's best he has become an all time world's best fast bowler because the conditions of today are not favourable as they used to be in earlier times

  5. If only BCCI didn’t interfere and bully out ICC curator at Wankahde…. BCCI is like a tinpot dictator running a banana republic. Shame on these ex-players sucking up to BCCI $$$$$.

  6. Regardless of we win or not…but shami remains the best bowler

  7. India has always produced legendary batters starting from gavaskar to Tendulkar and now kohli, but never seen a bowler who raised the benchmark for bowling. Shami has set such a benchmark that not only the Indians but the entire world has to work their ass off to catch up shami in worldcup.

  8. Hayden, is Half Pakistani, we saw the commentary video when Afg Defeated Pak. He was mute. Nothing he said.

  9. I am so so impressed with Shami. He has proven himself that he is from a different league out of the planet, From a gold digging wife to sitting out from the first few matches in the World Cup. He has come back and an epitome of purposefullness and commitment to the country, Love you brother,🙏

  10. Shami have the best bowling action in current team.

  11. I Hope this semi final will finally prove to Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma that we need 5 genuine Frontline Bowlers and not bits and pieces bowlers like Shardul Thakur in such an important tournament and close any stupid arguement in this regard. It is simply sacriligious to think that Shardul was the preferred option to Shami . WHAT A JOKE !! That was sheer Stupidity of monumental proportions. Thank god that it didnt cost us


  13. Love the show but the audio quality has been terrible tbh .

  14. Kohlis 100 was completely selfish. I can’t put it any other way 😢

  15. Rohit is playing selflessly Respect..just thinking if he does not get out what would be the total runs India will put

  16. Hearing Hyden was special. How they dominated in 2000s . India is doing same this time .

  17. Kohli can baat like that bcz of Rohit is attacking & Rohit can baat attacking bcz of kohli, bcz if rohit got out attacking then kohli can still manage by a century. Both are imperfect without each other

  18. Williamson's wicket by Shami caught by SKY – both are playing in place of Hardik

  19. Shami 7/57 – other bowlers 7/667

  20. Fielding was horrific. Easy catches should have been taken & a lot of boundaries could have been saved. Maybe concentration was lacking. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Guys …boycott Qatar Airways. Get urself a NEW SPONSOR …or else face a boycott…

  22. Some people were making rubbish comments about the pitch before the match , but reality is over 720 runs scored and out of Total 14 fallen wickets Pacers took 13 wickets.

  23. Rohit making Gill's batting easy and Shreyas making VK's batting easy

  24. But for the strange quirk of fate that led to the injury of Hardik Pandya forcing India Team Mgt to induct Md Shami into the Team to balance the bowling attack. Else, their sticking on with the mediocre overhyped bowling Allrounder Shardul Thakur could have led to a disastrous exit by now!!

  25. With NZ, it is really about whether they have the finances to support the current crop of cricketers going forward, because franchise cricket is a big temptation. Kane is only 33. He could play another world cup if he wanted, but it is possible that some NZ cricketers leave their contracts in their early and mid 30's for more lucrative opportunities, like with Boult. Its probably the end of Boult in ODI cricket, which will be a big loss. I still don't think they have a better limited overs fast bowler. Lockie struggles a lot with injuries and Southee is ideally only suited for swinging conditions in ODI cricket. Henry is probably their second best bowler. His injury definitely hurt the attack's potency. Lack of a full second spinner also hurt. Conway and Latham not firing consistently with the bat was a big issue, as was Kane missing 6 out of 10 games due to injury. His importance with the bat was evident when he came back. Scoring 3 half centuries in 4 games. In all fairness to the NZ side, they weren't one of those teams that were expected to be in the top 4. I think before the tournament, most experts had both Eng and Pak above them. The fact that they made it to the semi-finals and then got knocked out is probably accurate to where the team is overall in ODI cricket. I do think with Mitchell, Ravindra, Conway, Philips, Santner… they have a fair bit of talent. Going forward, their bowling looks more iffy than their batting.

  26. If any bowler of india will injure just like pandya then what about indian bowlling attack in final…?

  27. Hardik playing in place of Surya…so no problem to shami…if hardik comes in place of Surya it will be much stronger…

  28. Best thing that happened to Team India (at least looking at our performances so far) has been the EXIT of not just one hyped all-rounder (PANDYA) but two (including LORD THAKUR).

    With due respects to our all-rounders, please don't hype them. For God's sake, let us speak the big positives that came out of it.

    All said, our prayers are coming true in the form of LUCK (First in winning the toss and next to get a score of close to 400 as i predicted). I thought we were 30 runs short, because at 30 overs mark (214-1) and with 20 overs to go, we should have doubled it and chasing 425, I doubt if Kiwis would have come that far and the equation might be looking totally different.

    Well done Shami in a terrific one-man army bowling effort (first 7-fer and as many wickets in World Cups), that too to perform in a big stage like the SEMIS. Hats off to him 👏👏👏

  29. MOHAMMAD SHAMI- as earlier I had mentioned, when he was new, great to have a fast seamer in our team. DHONI – emphasizes on spinners. However, though Bumrah and Siraj r there , and good. Shami has been a marvelous find for the Indian Team because of him we r in the Finals and will win the Cup roo with this team un beaten .

  30. We will Win the WORLD CUP this year. We r unbeaten , great 👍 bowling, batting skills, and talents shown. LUCK and Certainly FANS we r playing in INDIA… Ground pitch

  31. How rubbish performance by NZ 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  32. I left my job of coach……,,🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  33. When fully fit and at his peak, Shami is the greatest Indian fast bowler of all time – full stop. Bumrah will be up there in numbers one day but I almost consider him more of a medium pacer with insane accuracy – he's not a classic venomous raw pacer like the all time greats from West Indies, 90's Pak and 90's-00's Australia.

    Watching those legends I always wondered when India would produce a fast bowler like them – Shami is the closest we ever came.

  34. He will be the greatest Indian white bowl bowler in the World Cup. Bumraha is a more complete bowler

  35. michell got century vs india in before knock out as well in losing cause… As Anchor have some brain

  36. Two dap Iyer 105 runs 70 balls winner, Kane 69 runs in 73 balls loss team

  37. Good show, please get better sound engineers or better microphones. Anil's voice is so muffled and ask Danny to get a mic.

  38. Dew in Mumbai? Don't make me laugh