Monday , November 29 2021
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Mom Comes Face-To-Face With Her Son’s Killer In Court | Humankind

This mom came face to face with the teen who murdered her son. Courtroom veterans had never seen a response like hers.


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Mom Comes Face-To-Face With Her Son’s Killer In Court | Humankind


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  1. And that is a proper muslim who follows what lord wants her to.

  2. This is a women of gold ❤️

    She has lost her son forever and she forgive everyone
    Everybody could learn from her ❤️

  3. elle a de la compassion pour un monstre! pas pour moi

  4. She knew that boy wasn't going to be sh!t , so she thanked him 🤣😂

  5. Islam is so beautiful.. im so proud to be a muslim 🤗😍

  6. Racist people never dont and want to see this perfect muslims,..what a shame😔

  7. I tell you that hug was more that a bullet.

  8. R.I.P to all families that had they're kids killed

  9. This is beautiful Masha'Allah, shows there is good in this world.

    However reading the comments below it scares me how much hate and fear the world has for Islam due to media society and the actions of those who claim to be muslim.
    If all muslims are related to ISIS does that mean that all Christian's are part of the KKK? You can accuse an entire religion or culture due to the actions of a few.
    There is good and bad in the world in every culture every country every town.
    Now a days people who wish to spread poison in the world would read lines or a few words from holy books and degrade the true meaning for example the word 'Jihad' which actually means the battle within, the battle of good and bad within yourselves to better one self and not starting a war with a whole completely different country.

    The day we stop all of this fighting and wars and killing the world would be amazing but unfortunately greed of our presidents prime ministers governments wont allow for peace as it wont finance the money they get from war
    Dont believe everything the media say they do twist words and use your initiative

  10. This woman is a queen- 😭😭

  11. I would never forgive the murderer of my child.

  12. I thought he was bout to get a spank

  13. This is the person that we don’t deserve
    But it’s the person that we need in our lifes

  14. Rid scum. Kill the prick. Doesn’t deserve your pardon. It took killing your son and getting caught to be sorry

  15. wow Incredible woman, the world should follow and learn…

  16. i would have went off but this lady is so kinda shes can forgive just like that

  17. she hug the killer because its not she what decide about the killers life. that is islam and not what ISIS do. 1000000 times im saying to islam haters stop listening to the media.

  18. We are still respecting any other religion despite being bullied and cursed by other religions.

  19. How can you be like that mother? If this can't change him nothing will..

  20. What the funk I will of sore at puch mhimto

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